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Making a Strongbad luchador mask


Strongbad is back, so I feel like I should take the time to upload some photos and materials that might help someone make a Strongbad luchador mask like I did one Halloween. I got all of my materials from a craft store and had a friend that was good at sewing to stitch it together with a sewing machine.


  • Baby blue foam sheet
  • Baby blue shoe string
  • Black textured pleather
  • Chili Pepper Rayon sheet
  • Silver pleather
  • Black amaretto sheet

Total cost: $20

I’ve included some traces of the pieces which were used to cut the cloth. The main part of the mask (the red part) consists of four pieces of cloth cut from the “Red Body” trace, which are lined up to meet at the point at the top. The remaining pieces (“Silver Eye Brow”, “Black Eye Piece”, and “Blue Between Eyes”) are sewn on top of the red cloth. I guess it’s kinda self explanatory… you’ll figure it out… Hopefully the traces give you a good start for sizing and shape of the pieces.

PDF versions of the traces: strongbad_traces_2 strongbad_trace_1










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