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I am currently looking to work with agencies and clients. 
I can be dropped in like a special agent to generate, articulate, and sell ideas that solve problems for brands, especially in complex digital channels.
Or I can work with your teams to facilitate and elevate your creative process.
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Jason Theodor One-Pager

Hello there!

The publication About Jason Theodor exists to embellish my LinkedIn profile and persuade you of my marketing & strategic prowess. It contains specific examples of client challenges, hand-picked for their variety and successes. They cover everything from apps to social media, television to digital displays, education to events. And they’re all pretty good (view the portfolio here).

But then there’s all the stuff you can’t see:

  • My obsession with technology (there are over 500 apps on my phone, some which I helped create)
  • I do multiple speaking gigs every year where I test and hone creative ideas.
  • I invented an advertising card game called Pitch Deck, which promotes idea generation and presentation. Even kids love it, and it’s a great icebreaker for brainstorming.
  • The rough manuscript for my book, Create More Better Different, with its accompanying Creative Type Test, is available online. Over ¾ of a million people have read the outlines on Slideshare.
  • I have my own daily journal on creativity and the human condition, called All-Day Breakfast, where I experiment with drawing, photography, and writing.
  • I sign-up for, test, try, experiment, publish, and connect with everything I can get my hands on. I make connections between strategy and technology, between storytelling and the audience, the medium and the message.

Nothing is created in a vacuum. All work is a collaboration, a confluence of talent and ideas and politics. All work needs to be strategized, brainstormed, described, and sold. It needs to be translated into reality, balancing between the will of the creators and the will of the patrons. There are always problems to solve and compromises to negotiate.

I’m really good at this. I’ve been doing it for twenty years. I am calm under pressure and passionate about creative solutions. I build trust with staff and clients (just read my LinkedIn recommendations). And most of all I know how to come up with the right ideas with a plan to get them done.

I look forward to working with you.

Jason Theodor
+1 416 662 0144

Jason Theodor is a Creative Director, Speaker, WriterGeek

Jason’s modest goal is to unlock the world’s creative potential. He is regularly featured at conferences worldwide, including FITC, NXNEi, iab, Collide, springfestival, and Code Motion. Jason also enjoys sharing his experiences with students and is a frequent lecturer at universities like NYU, Rotman’s School of Business, and OCAD. With over 20 years experience in digital marketing, Jason continues to strive for new ways to communicate ideas that are captivating, strategic, and memorable. He is currently writing a book and publishing a daily art journal about creativity and the human condition on Medium.com called All-Day Breakfast.

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