Yeah, semi-daily isn’t really working so far, but that’s okay. I’m here now, and I have something on my mind.


It’s not inspired by an article I read, or a podcast I listened to, or anything else. I can just feel it somewhere deep inside myself. I need to simplify my existence. I feel like I am constantly working through clutter — even on an existential level. Thankfully I have the ability to do something about this, but it won’t just happen naturally. I’ll need to research how other people have done it, ask myself some pretty tough questions, and make some pretty profound changes to way I live. It’s intimidating, but I really feel like it’s something that I need to explore.

So, that’s where I’m at. Hopefully I’ll be able to document some of what I find along the way on this blog right here. Thanks for reading, by the way.

Here’s to hope.