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Wireless Charging is Part of Human Being Future

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Wireless Charging, do you have already known it before?

Wireless charging is a technology can transmitting the power which no cable needed when transmitting between transmitter and receiver. Transmitter is as main part of distributing the power and receiver is as part to receive the power which it uses for charging itself

Time really flies too fast. The story has begun a long ago before you born.

Do you know Michael Faraday? Do you know about induction of electromagnetic?

Michael Faraday is one of scientists who come from England that has nicknamed as “Father of Electricity” because of his hard work, now the electricity become one of technology required by human being. Nowadays, almost of all human activities need an electricity as requirement. At August 29th 1831, Michael Faraday started a brilliant experiment that makes him finally found induction of electromagnetic

Principle of Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction is a process when a conductor was put into a magnetic field which moving or changing that making voltage was produced along conductor. Electromagnetic Induction happens when force of electricity power in a conductor due to changes of magnetic flux of conductor itself.

Finally, Wireless Charging was Discovered

Wireless Charging actually has been a long ago discovered, due to idea of a genius was named Nikola Tesla. In 1901,based on theories of electromagnetic induction was found by Michael Faraday. Although, the idea has been discovered a long ago and 110 years age, but the utilization of it until now still rarely to support activities of human being life

Working Concept Principle of Wireless Charging

Working Concept Principle of Wireless Charging is transmitting amount of electricity power from magnetic field that occurs of copper coil from transmitter will be received by receiver. The power of electricity was transferred through by the induction process, because of coil on receiving device and transmitting device are connected each other. On the station of transmitting device power was connected to electricity power supply

Are there wrongs with wired charging?

Usage of cable in daily human being life for charging can’t be avoided all this time. Although, usage of cable has some disadvantages which can be eliminated by wireless charging. Besides, impacts of urban planning aesthetic, for example: Capital City of Indonesia: Jakarta, with very large population seems like the beauty of city has gone because of electricity wires were hanging between building, impacts of environmental and safety impacts for society. Installation of electricity wires are quite costly, especially for underground installation of electricity wires, costs will be even greater.

When we look and consider of growth of human population by global and development of fancy buildings and sky scrappers, so the amount of future costs in the transmission of electricity through wires are very high. Costs are needed too for process of extraction of copper and other metals as the main material in the cable manufacturing process which shows the demand will not decrease but will be increase.

Human Research about The Perfection will be never end.

Challenges for Humans for a Better Future

When we imagine, laptop whom we use for working everyday doesn’t need a cable for charging is like when laptop connected to WiFi. We can’t look of wireless networking but we can feel benefits of it. Imagine, when smartphone whom we use every time will be fully charged without worry about the remaining power of smartphone, because wireless charging automatically charging our the power of smartphone.

In the future, there will be more equipment in human life which support wireless charging technology, it is supported by increasingly of utilization Internet of Things (IoT), usage of wearable, such as smart watch or smart band and other portable devices, so the development of wireless charging for needs of every human activities in the future is a must.



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