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Let’s Have a Plan

Someday Benyamin Franklin said:

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

To achieve our goal, we need a plan. We need to know steps that we must do to achieve that goal, it’s called a plan. Having a plan means that we know how to achieve our goal.

As a software company, we have projects, and more projects to come. According to Project Management Institute:

A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources.

A project is temporary, so this must not run forever, it must be started and finished. We have a goal to finish the project on time, on budget and on scope on a good quality. Our team is happy, the client is happy, both of us are happy. Isn’t it great???

So that we need a plan. We must have a plan: how, when, and who so that tasks in a project will be finished. Not knowing what task assigned to whom, when need to be finished, and how to finish it means that we don’t have a good plan.

How to create a plan?

Currently we agree to use Active Collab as our project management tool. These are 4 simple steps to create a good plan in Active Collab.

1. Identify tasks (WHAT)

In a project there are requirements from the user. Break down the requirements into a doable tasks. For example, user needs a simple accounting system. This requirement will be break down into:

  1. Input Transaction
  2. Edit Transaction
  3. Delete Transaction
  4. List Transaction
  5. Profit and Loss Report
  6. Cash Flow Report
  7. etc

It is easy to add a task in Active Collab, you just need to input task name and write description.

If you need more than pictures above, watch video about adding a task in Active Collab.

2. Describe the task (HOW)

To make it doable, provide a clear description about the task, if needed, provide additional documents to support the assignee.

3. Set due date (WHEN)

This is important thing, set a target when this task should be finished. Make sure that this is aligned with the overall project timeline.

4. Set assignee (WHO)

Select one person to be in charge in this task. Make sure he/she has capability to complete the task.


It’s useless having a plan if we never commit to it. How to measure that we have commitment with our plan? By monitoring it!

1. Monitor the Timeline

Make sure that all of tasks are planned to be done before the deadline timeline of the projects. By read this gant chart, we also can measure the capability of person in charge (PIC), is he/she overload? or need more tasks?

2. Not Overdue

We have problems if we have overdue tasks. Let’s try not to be overdue, if there is overdue, let’s do some extra work to finish it as soon as possible.

Ok, now we have a good plan to be a good software company. Let’s achieve our mission. Let’s become a well-known creative, innovative, and credible technology company in SEA by 2020, by delivering high quality and profitable problem solving solution to our delighted customers.



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