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10 Best Free Online Courses to learn Agile and Scrum for Beginners in 2023

My favorite free online courses are to learn Agile for beginners, both programmers, and developers as well as people new to project management.

10 Best Free Online Courses to learn Agile and Scrum for Beginners
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10 Best FREE Online courses to learn Agile and Scrum in 2023

Here are some of the best courses to learn Agile methodologies like Sprint, Kanban, Scrum, etc for free. Some programmers consider free resources are not a good quality which is not true. Yes, they often don’t match the quality of paid courses but still, they are good resources.

1. Learn the Truth About Agile versus Waterfall

In this free Agile course from Udemy, you will learn the truth about the relationship between “Agile” and “Waterfall”, two of the most important development methodologies, and see these two approaches in a new perspective as complementary rather than competitive.

best free course to learn Agile

2. Agile with Atlassian Jira [Free Coursera Course]

This is another awesome free Agile course from Coursera to learn Agile with Atlassian JIRA, the most important tool you and your team will need to work in an Agile environment.

best free Agile course on Coursera

3. Agile Fundamentals [Pluralsight]

If you are a complete beginner in the Agile world and want to know how adopting Agile can benefit your team, your users, and your organization then this Pluralsight course is for you.

  • project managers
  • software leadership
best free course to learn Agile on Pluralsight

4. Basics of Scrum, Agile, and Project Delivery [Free Course]

This is another free course to learn Agile and Scrum in 2023 for beginners. In this course, you will learn how exceptional product ownership can help your company reach its full potential with Agile. It encourages both business and technical teams to come together as partners and deliver value.

best free Agile course for beginners

5. Agile Methodologies Overview [Free Udemy Course]

In the world of software development, lifecycle management Agile project managers, and scrum masters are in high demand. You can take this course to get an introductory overview of Agile Principles and the foundation for Agile project management.

best free Agile course for beginners on Udemy

6. Basics of Agile Scrum Project Management [Free Course]

In this course, Agile expert Nooruddin Surani outlines a process for reporting on the progress of your agile project. Agile reports should be simple and easy to read and provide information to the entire team.

  1. Introduction to Agile Project Management
  2. Understanding Scrum
  3. Scrum Roles, Events & Artifacts
  4. Master the different Scrum concepts
best free Agile course

7. Agile With Scrum — From Beginner to Advanced [Free Course]

This is another free online training course to learn Agile with Scrum on Udemy for both Beginners and Advanced developers and Project Managers.

  1. What Is The Agile Revolution
  2. How To Form Scrum Project Solutions
  3. What Are The Scrum Team Roles
  4. How To Assemble A Scrum Team
  5. How To Set The Vision For Your Project
  6. User Stories 101
  7. How To Create Success Criteria
  8. How To Estimate With Story Points
  9. How To Create Roadmaps And Release Plans
  10. How To Conduct Sprint Planning, Scrum Reporting, etc.
  11. How To Run Standup Meetings
  12. How Scrum Backlog Grooming Works
  13. How to Create “Definition Of Done”
  14. How To Create Sprint Demos
  15. How To Run Successful Sprint Retrospectives
best free Agile and Scrum course for beginners

8. Agile and Scrum Overview [Free Udemy Course]

In this free Agile online course, you will learn about popular agile methodologies and frameworks like Extreme Programming, Lean, Sprint, Kanban, and Scrum. You will also learn the most popular Agile framework, Scrum Framework briefly.

best free course to learn Agile online

9. Make your agile team faster and more productive [Free Course]

If you are a Team Lead, Project Manager, or Scrum Master who wants to make your agile team faster and more productive and looking for a resource then this free cours is for you.

  1. how to identify them
  2. and how to solve them
best course to learn Agile for FREE

10. Agile Project Management By Google [Free Coursera Course]

This is an amazing course to learn Agile Project Management by none other than Google. It’s actually the 5th from the Google Project Management Certificate program.

best course to learn Agile for FREE on Coursera



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