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15 Java and Programming Articles for Beginners

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Hello guys, March was very eventful with all things happening around the world. Now that most of the world is in the grip of COVID-19 and people are staying at home due to lockdown and quarantines, you need something positive to go through this time and reading and learning can provide that.

Despite challenges, we manage to publish a lot of great articles and resources on Javarevisited publication which has been read by thousands of people. Many more Java developers and writers have also joined and published first time in Javarevisited, please welcome them.

Anyway, here are the top 15 articles from Javarevisited you can read during this weekend and COVID-19 to keep your learning going.

My favorite books to learn Java in-depth — Must Read

Some of my favorite books which I believe every Java programmer should read, while you find some common books like Effective Java and Clean Code, you can also find some hidden gems in this, if you have haven’t read, you can read them now.

Coronavirus disease and OOP paradigm in Java by Seda Movsisyan

Please welcome Seda into the Javarevisited community. This is her first article and she will teach you how you can learn OOP in Java

8 Projects You Can Build to Learn Python

Some cool Project ideas for Python beginners with links to free courses/articles to build those projects. If you want, you can also build these projects in Java during COVID-19 time

10 Free Spring Boot Courses and Tutorials for Java Developers

Spring Boot is a key skill for Java programmer and there is no better time to learn Spring Boot than now. While you have some time off, you can join these free online courses to learn Spring Boot during COVID-19

5 Best Programming Languages to get a Sofware Developer Job in Google

These are some programming language which gives you best shot into a software developer role job in Google and other FAANG companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook.

Writing More Readable Code with Project Lombok by Yiğitcan Nalcı

Lombok is a great library that takes some pain away from Java code by masking getter, setter, toString and other common methods that every Java object needs to have. Lombok can help you to write clean code in Java.

Java or PHP: Which is the Best Choice For Web Development? by Sophia Martin

There is no doubt that web development is an interesting area for programmers and developers. Sophia Martin, will tell you which one is better for web development, Java or PHP? Please welcome her into the Javarevisited community as this is her first article.

Top 15 Online Courses to Learn Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS for Fullstack Developers and DevOps Engineers

My list of awesome courses to learn Docker, Kubernetes, AWS and other DevOps tools.

10 Best Books for Data Structure and Algorithms for Beginners in Java

There is no better time to refresh your Data structure and Algorithms skill than now, use this time to level up your Data Structure and Algorithms skill by reading these books

10 Best Java Tutorials, Courses, and Books to learn Lambda Expression and Stream API, and Functional Programming

A few courses and books to level up your Stream, Lambdas, and Functional programming skill in Java.

Why Spring is the best framework for developing REST APIs in Java?

My 2 cents on why Spring is still the best framework for developing REST APIs in Java.

That’s all about a few Java and Programming articles you can read during this weekend while you stay at home, safe and follow the precautionary measures taken by COVID-19. It’s extraordinary time guys and we need to remain positive and do whatever we can to keep the energy up.

Stay safe and stay at home




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