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5 Best Deep Learning Online Training Courses for Beginners with Certificates for 2023

These are the best online courses for Deep Learning in 2023 with certificates. You will get certificate from Coursera and reputed companies like Google.

6 Best Deep Learning Online Training Courses with Certificates

5 Best Deep Learning Online Courses for Beginners

Without wasting any more of your time, here is my list of best courses to learn Deep learning in-depth. I have chosen courses that are suitable for both beginners and developers with some experience in the field of Machine learning and Deep Learning.

Even though Maths is an integral part of Deep Learning, I have chosen courses where you don’t need to learn complex Maths concepts; whenever something is required, the instructor explains it in simple words.

1. Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng and Team

Believe it or not, Coursera is probably the best place to learn about Machine learning and Deep learning online, and a big reason for that is Andrew Ng, who literally made Machine learning popular among developers. If you don’t know, he is also one of the founders of Coursera, and his classic Machine learning course offered by Stamford is probably the first online course on Coursera.

Apart from that classic course, Andrew has created a couple of more gems like AI For Everyone, which is, again, I recommend to every programmer and non-tech guy.

2. Deep Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Artificial Neural Networks

If you don’t have 3 to 5 months to spare but want to learn deep learning in detail, you should join this course. In this course, you will learn how to create Deep Learning Algorithms in Python from two Machine Learning & Data Science experts: Kirill Eremenko and Hadelin de Pontes.

This course will teach you almost everything you need to know as a Deep learning expert, not in the depth of the previous session but still good enough. It covers a lot of ground from basic to advanced deep learning concepts like ANN and CNN.

I really like how Kirill shows the models’ intuitive part, and Hadelin writes the code for some real-life projects.

3. Introduction to Deep Learning

This is another impressive course from Coursera on Deep learning offered by the University of Colorado Boulder. Didn’t I say that Coursera has the best Machine Learning course on the internet? Yes, this course is part of their Machine Learning: Theory and Hands-on Practice with Python Specialization.

Taught by Geena Kim, this course aims to give learners a basic understanding of modern neural networks and their applications in computer vision and natural language understanding.

The course starts with a recap of linear models and a discussion of crucial stochastic optimization methods for training deep neural networks. You will learn the basic building blocks of a neural network and how it works layer by layer.

Though, it’s expected that you have good knowledge of Python and Mathematics. If you are not comfortable with Python yet, I suggest you take one of the top Python courses I have suggested before.

4. Practical Deep Learning for Coders by

This is Jeremy Howard’s classic course on deep learning. He is another awesome instructor in Deep Learning and Andrew Ng of Coursera and Kirill Eremenko on Udemy. Talking about his course, it’s just the opposite of Andrew Ng’s Deep learning course.

While the previous one takes a bottom-up approach, this course takes a top-down approach. You are first introduced to the product, and then you deep dive into individual parts.

The best part of this course is that it’s very well structured and moves step by step, which helps build complex deep learning and neural network concepts.

5. Data Science: Deep Learning in Python

The MOST in-depth look at neural network theory and how to code one with pure Python and TensorFlow. If you ever wanted a course that can teach you how to create your own neural network from scratch, then this is the course you should join.

In this course, you will build your first artificial neural network using deep learning techniques. You will also find an in-depth explanation of the maths behind ANN, which is very important for data scientists.

The courses use Python and NumPy, a Python library for machine learning to build full-on non-linear. It will also teach you how to install TensorFlow and use it for training your deep learning models. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to know how Deep Learning really works.



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