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5 Best Machine Learning Books for Beginners and Experienced Engineers

Looking for best Machine Learning books to learn ML in depth? These are the most recommended books on Machine Learning you can read on 2023

5 Best Books to learn Machine Learning For Beginners and Experienced Engineers in 2023

Without wasting anymore of your time, here is a list of best books to learn Machine learning in 2023. These are the best of the best machine learning books I found by going through many reddit posts, hacker news threads Twitter threads, and Quora answers so you can trust these books will help you to learn Machine learning in depth. They are also the most recommend Machine learning books online.

1. Hands-On Machine Learning Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow

This book is probably the best and modern book to learn machine learning using python. The book created by Aurélien Géron and will teach you how to build machine learning models and intelligent systems using scikit-learn, Keras, as well as TensorFlow.

2. The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book [Most recommended]

Do you think really you can learn machine learning with a 100-page book? Well, this book on amazon created by Andriy Burkov will teach you this topic known as machine learning in a comprehensive way and you will understand how machine learning works mathematically.

3. Building Machine Learning Systems with Python

If you are trying to find a book that will cover machine learning in-depth using python then you may need to see this book. The book is created by Willi Richert and Luis Pedro Coelho and costs around $18.49 as a kindle book which is pretty cheap compared to what you will get from reading this book.

4. Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

If you are a professional at python and data science and you want to improve your skills in this field by studying machine learning then you may need to see this book on amazon. The book will cost $9.59 on kindle and created by Andreas C. Müller and Sarah Guido.

5. Python Machine Learning

Another very interesting book to understand both machine learning and deep learning is this book created by Sebastian Raschka and Vahid Mirjalili. The book will cost $17.19 on kindle and this third edition is a comprehensive and deep guide to the topic of machine learning and deep learning using python.



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