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6 Best React.js Books for Beginners and Experienced Web Developers

Want to learn React.js in-depth? Here are the best React.js books you can read in 2022

FullStack React

So, you are ready for the latest craze in coding today. Everyone is talking about this new React.js JavaScript library and you want to be a part of the React community.

If you want to learn React.js then you are in the right place. In the past, I have shared best Rect.js courses, The React Developer RoadMap, and React tutorials and now you are thinking about a great book to get you moving on learning the React approach to building components from the React JavaScript library.

You know that your commitment is real because you are not intimidated by a technical book that averages 750 pages! Or, maybe you are brand new and are not even sure where to start your training in React JavaScript coding.

It does not matter; today’s top five React.js books selection will take you from beginner to intermediate to advanced topics in React development.

Before we get to the instructional material, let’s refresh ourselves on exactly what we are talking about, especially in terms of JavaScript coding using React.

Though, if you love courses then you can also start with The React 16- Complete Guide course by Maximillian on Udemy, which not only covers React Hooks but also other essential React concepts.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a coding language embedded in a hypertext markup language (HTML) documents to make a webpage more dynamic and user-friendly. That is a good definition to tell you that JavaScript allows visitors to web pages to perform fun activities like pressing buttons and entering things like their emails and addresses.

When you visit your favorite social media or retail webpage, you have the option to navigate around a bit and buy things. JavaScript is the language that makes those functions possible; otherwise, you would navigate to a webpage and just see static content and that is no fun.

React is just one of the many JavaScript (JS) libraries employed to allow you to interact with the webpage. Now, let’s find a book to explain all of this in a deeper fashion.

And, if you want to learn JavaScript before you want to learn React.js which you should then you can always look into hen I also suggest you check The Complete JavaScript Course 2022: Build Real Projects! course by Jonas Schmedtmann on Udemy.

Top 6 Books to Learn React.js for Beginners in 2022

Without wasting any more of your time, here is my list of best books to learn React.js in 2022. I have also shared a couple of courses to go along with this book for some active learning.

In general, I find it better to learn from one book and a course. The course provides an early start while the book provides more in-depth knowledge. If you like, you can also choose that model to start your React.js journey.

1. FullStack React

A wise developer will want to have a well-rounded understanding of web development. To acquire this, you should employ a few of the other disciplines utilized by seasoned professionals.

In this book, you will learn Full Stack React from experts like Anthony Accomazzo, Nate Murray, Ari Lerner, Clay Allsopp, David Guttman, and Tyler McGinnis. There is hardly any book where you get a chance to learn from so many experts in one place.

This book broadens our understanding of multiple frameworks and ways to employ full-stack development. You will be a confident developer, after digesting the topics in this important text. All contributors are respected authors and developers, with extensive experience with many languages and frameworks

Here is the link to buy this book FullStack React

If you want, you can also combine this book with The React 16- Complete Guide course by Maximillian on Udemy, which not only covers React Hooks but also other essential React concepts.

Btw, if you like the book, you can also download a sample chapter for free here.

2. HTML To React: The Ultimate Guide

This is an amazing book for anyone who is struggling with web technologies and wants to learn HTML to React along with all the tools like Git, JavaScript, etc. This book will teach you everything about Web Development to build scalable, production-ready web applications like a pro.

This is also one of the most recommended React ebooks and a comprehensive study guide that will teach you everything you need to know to be a confident web developer through bite-sized lessons, a ton of easy-to-understand examples, pretty illustrations, and proven roadmaps.

You will learn things like what and why ReactJS, JSX, Virtual DOM, Function vs Class components, Event handling and Two-way binding, Component Lifecycle, React hooks — useState, useEffect, useMemo, useRef, custom hooks, React app performance optimization, React Suspense, Good and bad practices in React, All you need to know about GraphQL, and much more

The ebook has 400+ pages of value-packed content. And, the author regularly updates the book on a regular basis. Currently, it's version 3 and you also get new versions for free.

It also has 50+ real-world project ideas and a bunch of checklists that you need to have as a Web Developer. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn to React for web development.

Here is the link to join this course — HTML To React: The Ultimate Guide

If you want, you can also combine this book with the Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization from Coursera, where you will learn web development with React from scratch. This book nicely complements that course.

3. Learning React: Functional Web Development with React and Redux

Beginners may want to step back from intense immersion in advanced React coding with this book. The authors recognized that some new developers may be intimidated by the sheer size and volume of React material and created a way to ease into the community.

They start out by walking beginning developers through a small JS library and some of the new ECMAScript, JS developed by Ecma International. European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA), an organization that systematizes technology across countries and platforms.

This book is a standard for introducing you to React components used by Facebook and other large-scale distributors of commercial content. Those popular web pages that you visit are powered by React components. Alex and Eve are dedicated to React to developers and educators.

Here is the link to learn more about the bookLearning React: Functional Web Development with React and Redux

And, If you need a course to go with this book, I highly recommend the previous course by Max or Stephen Grider’s Modern React With Redux course which covers everything a React developer needs to know, including hooks.

4. The Road to React by Robin Wieruch

Robin Wieruch writes many introductory books on web development. The German-based author is a seasoned veteran of JS programming and React components.

The Road to React takes the new developer by building a React component that demonstrates how to return data to the user, one of the most basic operations of the JS language.

This is a great book to begin expanding your knowledge of building and using React components.

Here is the link to buy this book — The Road to React by Robin Wieruch

5. React in Action by Mark Tielens Thomas

Front-end development is a critical part of web development. The user is performing all kinds of queries and purchases through React JS on the pages that they see.

React in Action is where developers learn how to make the webpage dynamic and coherent so that the user can have a seamless experience, as they navigate to their favorite topic, social interests, or online purchase.

Mark gives the learning developer plenty of hands-on experience with real-world React components. You will be introduced to ecosystems and tooling. Your experience with HTML and other web-related ideas will come in handy to augment your knowledge of React.

The text expands on libraries, components, and web apps. You will get inside the philosophy of professional web development. You will even have an opportunity to explore user interfaces for mobile devices.

Mark is another trusted software developer with a great deal of React experience. If you want, you can also combine this book with the React.js: Getting Started course on Pluralsight, a great course by a great instructor Samer Buna

6. Learn React Hooks by Daniel Bugl

Those familiar with writing React classes may find this book helpful as it allows the programmer to dismiss writing classes and use a more direct approach to interacting with the application programming interface (API).

Developers are able to create React components that interact more seamlessly using Hooks. Hooks allow React components to share reusable stateful logic.

The author, Daniel Bugl, is fluent and successful in the React community, both as a developer and open source contributor. This book averages around $40 and can be a bit challenging for people new to React but experienced React developers will enjoy this book.

Here is the link to learn more about this book — Learn React Hooks

And, If you need a course to go along with this book, I highly recommend you check out The Complete React Web Developer Course on Udemy.

The author Andrew Mead is a full-stack developer and a great teacher who has in-depth knowledge of the subject he teaches. This course is truly awesome and hands-on and I highly recommend this to all programmer who wants to become professional web developer using React.

That’s all about the best React.js books for both beginners and experienced web developers. Javascript can be a tough language for developers to learn. However, this selection of books can help you become an expert on React in no time.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these free Angular and React courses, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P.S. — If you like learning from online courses then I also suggest you check out The React 16- Complete Guide course by Maximillian on Udemy. It’s one of the best courses to learn React.js in a quick time



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