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5 Best UML Books and Courses for Java Programmers to learn Design

UML is one of the important tools for software design and these are the best UML books and courses for both beginners and experienced Java programmers.

5 Best UML Books and Courses for Java Programmers to learn Design

Top 5 Books and Courses to Learn UML for Java Developers

Here is my collection of some of the best books to learn UML or Unified Modelling language. I have chosen the books from the Java and JEE developer’s point of view but since UML is language independent, you can also use these books if you are doing object-oriented analysis and design in Python, C++, C# or any other object-oriented programming language.

The list contains books for both junior and experienced programmers alike. Since software design and object-oriented design are very important to grow higher in your career, I strongly recommend senior Java developers to get familiar with UML and other design tools like Microsoft Visio, which helps in visual communication with team members and other shareholders and internal teams.

This is especially important if you want to become a software architect, team lead, or solution architect because one of their important jobs is to create system diagrams, highlight dependencies, and send communication visually.

1. UML Distilled by Martin Fowler

The UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language By Martin Fowler and Kendall Scott is by far the best UML book I have ever read.

best UML books for Java Programmers

2. UML for Java Programmers by Robert C. Martin

This is one of the best books to learn UML for Java developers. It will teach you how you can use UML for your benefit in Object-oriented design and communicating your ideas to fellow developers and other team members.

The book is written by none other than Robert C. Martin, also known as Uncle Bob, author of books like Clean Code, Clean Coder, and Clean Architecture. Uncle Bob is known to make things simpler which are easy to understand and digest.

You will learn about the sequence diagrams, class diagrams, object diagrams, and other UML diagrams to show the inter-dependency between classes and how different parts of the application collaborate together.

He has also shown how to use UML in object-oriented design by designing a coffee machine in an object-oriented way using UML tools. In short, a good book to learn UML basics from a Java development perspective. You will not only learn UML but also XP because Uncle Bob loves XP.

best UML books for Java developers

3. Enterprise Java with UML, by C. T. Ariington

If you are looking for a good book to help you understand how to use UML to design and develop complex J2EE/Java EE/JEE applications then I strongly recommend Enterprise Java with UML, by C. T. Ariington, it’s one of the best books to learn UML in depth.

best book to learn UML for application design

4. The Unified Modeling Language User Guide by Grady Booch et All.

This User Guide is a book that provides in-depth coverage of the language. It is not a book on Object Orientation.

best book to learn UML in depth



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