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5 Best Websites to Learn NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) in 2022

These are my favorite websites and places where you can learn NFT or Non Fungible token for free and with fee.

Hello guys, if you want to learn Non Fungible tokens or NFT in 2022 and looking for best resources then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best NFT (Non Fungible token) courses and best free NFT courses and in this article, I am going to share best places to learn NFT in 2022.

To be honest, Its hard to find good NFT training courses and certifications on sea of resources on internet this article tells best platforms to learn NFT and become a NFT professionals in 2022.

The constantly rising fame of non-fungible tokens has induced waves of transformation across various sectors. More and more people are interested in learning more about NFTs and exploring their potential.

However, it is important to be careful about the sources you choose to learn NFT and how they work. The demand for non-fungible tokens has been making news since the early months of 2021.

Even if non-fungible tokens had found their rooting in the crypto community back in 2017 with CryptoPunks, the world took notice of NFTs, with an NFT selling for $69 million.

Subsequently, the discussions about non-fungible tokens started gaining momentum, and NFT sales amounted to more than $40 billion in 2021. How will you get in on this new and expanding industry? The following post helps you find the answers with an outline of best online platforms for learning NFTs.

By the way, if you are more comfortable with online courses and just looking for a course to start with then I highly recommend you to checkout NFT Fundamentals (Buy, Create, and Sell NFTs) course on Udemy. This is one of the best course for beginners to start learning NFT in 2022. And, if you need more choices, see the article itself

Why Should You Learn NFT and become NFT Certified Professional?

The candidates searching for the best NFT course generally seek the best certifications to prove their skills. What do you have to gain from learning NFTs and qualifying for a relevant certification? The first thing you should know about certification is that you would have a professional identity as an expert. You are more likely to grab the attention of NFT professionals or enterprises seeking NFT experts.

Most important of all, you can develop skills in a new technology that might define the future of digital assets. The multiple options in platforms to learn NFT have evolved to address the need to identify a suitable career path in NFTs. Who would want to miss on the lucrative NFT sales? Can you be the creator of the next million-dollar NFT? The prospects for career development as well as creating your own NFT project deliver significant reasons to pursue an NFT certification.

The most important reason to look for platforms to learn NFT for beginners would also focus on the growth of NFTs. Blockchain technology took almost seven years since its inception before jumping into the limelight.

However, non-fungible tokens have spread faster than wildfire in the crypto ecosystem. In addition, the hype around NFTs comes at a time when advocacy for a decentralized web is getting stronger.

Unique digital assets with sole control of the owners can deliver credible value in the new decentralized ecosystems. Furthermore, non-fungible tokens are an essential aspect of the operations of the metaverse. Therefore, you can expect some plausible career benefits by learning NFTs and building your expertise in using and managing NFTs.

5 Best Places to learn NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) for Beginners in 2022

The value benefits of non-fungible tokens, their increasing recognition in pop culture, and celebrity involvement are strong reasons to draw limelight towards NFTs. You can find many discussions in the crypto space focused on the value benefits of non-fungible tokens.

If you want to find answers to “Where can I study NFT?” then you might not look for an answer as general as “the internet.”

You need to look for the best platforms which offer learning resources pertaining to NFTs. On top of it, many other factors also help you determine how a learning platform can support your career in NFTs.

For example, you can look for platforms that offer to learn courses as well as certifications. On the other hand, some NFT beginners may also seek free resources for learning about non-fungible tokens. Here is an outline of the best online platforms to discover the best learning resources on NFTs.

1. 101 Blockchains Academy

The best place to find an NFT course online with the assurance of expert insights is 101 Blockchains. It is one of the pioneer platforms in blockchain training and certification, with a broad range of certification programs and training courses. Aspiring NFT professionals can use the learning resources on the platform to establish their basic skills for understanding NFTs.

People interested in learning about non-fungible tokens can find an NFT fundamentals course as well as an Certified NFT professional (CNFTP) certification. In addition, the training course on tokenization basics alongside blockchain fundamentals can help any beginner start their learning journey with confidence.

One of the significant highlights of 101 Blockchains NFT certification and training course is the coverage of ways to use non-fungible tokens. You can not only learn NFT but also how to create, buy or sell them with the NFT Fundamentals course.

best place to learn NFT

In addition, the Certified NFT Professional certification serves as a credible instrument for you to build expertise in creating your NFT collection.

The practical demos and interactive exercises in the certification training course offer you the best NFT course for professionals as well as beginners. On top of it, the certification also validates the skills and knowledge in NFT trading with an emphasis on the fundamentals and best practices.

The comprehensive collection of information found on 101 Blockchains for NFTs make sit one of the top platforms to learn NFT right now. The assurance of expert insights alongside responsive support with the training course adds considerable advantages to the learning experience.

You can either join this course individually or take a Blockchain membership which provides access to all of there Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, and Web3 training materials. It cost around $25 per month on annual plan and its completely worth it. You can also use my code BCHAIN10 to get 10% discount when you enroll into this course.

2. Udemy

The second most popular destination to find the best NFT course would be Udemy. The online training and certification course provider is popular for catering to the needs of many professionals worldwide. You can discover many free and premium courses on Udemy across a broad range of disciplines.

If you want to explore multiple options among courses, then Udemy is obviously one of the top platforms to learn NFT for beginners, with numerous advantages. This free NFT courses on Udemy can serve as a reliable beginner’s guide into the world of NFTs.

Starting from courses on NFT fundamentals to Masterclasses and complete NFT technology courses, Udemy has a varied selection of learning resources on NFTs.

The best thing about Udemy for choosing resources to learn NFT would refer to the multiple choices. You have courses on NFTs from different instructors with varying levels of expertise in non-fungible tokens. Udemy also offers an ideal platform for choosing NFT learning resources on the basis of your existing knowledge of NFTs.

best Udemy course to learn NFT

3. LinkedIn Learning

Another top choice among the popular platforms to learn NFT would be LinkedIn Learning. As one of the top professional networking websites, LinkedIn has garnered a substantial reputation.

With the LinkedIn Learning facility, you can find many beginner-level courses and certifications on LinkedIn. The introductory course to NFTs on LinkedIn Learning is a reliable choice for you to start learning about NFTs.

The most interesting detail of the LinkedIn Learning platform refers to the trust of professionals in its learning materials.

For example, this introductory course on NFTs might be the top NFT course online with an overview of NFT history and basics. At the same time, you can also gain insights on creating your own NFTs alongside the suitable platforms for interacting with and managing NFTs. More than 50,000 people have joined this course and it has an amazing 4.7 rating which says a lot about this course.

best LinkedIn Learning course on NFT

By the way, you would need a LinkedIn Learning membership to watch this course which costs around $19.99 per month but you can also watch this course for FREE by taking their 1-month-free-trail which is a great way to explore their 17500+ online courses on the latest technology.

4. YouTube

The next convenient answer for “Where can I study NFT?” would obviously refer to YouTube. It is one of the most engaging platforms for learning NFTs, especially for people who prefer to learn through videos for free.

The audiovisual nature of training turns out to be the most effective and can help in familiarizing with NFTs easily.

Once you find out reliable NFT influencers and their YouTube channels, you can explore their videos to boost your expertise. The training videos on YouTube can also be helpful for learning about the new trends and advancements in the domain of NFTs. You can also know about expert perspectives on NFTs and their potential use cases with the help of various YouTube videos.

Here is one such simple video to learn what is NFT to start with from SimpliLearn

5. Skillshare

The final addition to the list of best platforms to learn NFT for beginners brings us to Skillshare. It is one of the most trusted platforms for professional training and certification with an interesting fundamental-level program. You can use the course to develop a solid command of the concepts which drive NFTs.

At the same time, you can understand what NFTs actually are and how they are capable of generating value. Interestingly, Skillshare offers an NFT Art Masterclass, which not only covers the fundamentals but also practical use cases in NFT trading.

For example, you can learn about Bitcoins, digital art, and principles behind digital marketing alongside the design business. The Masterclass on Skillshare not only helps you learn NFT but also puts it to use. As a matter of fact, the topics covered in the Masterclass can serve the essential information and guidance needed to create your NFT enterprise.

That’s all about the best online platforms to learn NFT in 2022. The final pointer regarding the choice of top platforms to learn NFT would ultimately round-up on evaluating the platforms. How can the platform help you? Does it have the NFT courses you need according to your skills and knowledge of NFTs? Will the platform offer expert support? Does the platform offer NFT certifications? All these questions can serve as major determinants in the choice of a suitable platform for learning NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens are a comparatively new concept, and almost everyone has different perceptions regarding the technology. However, it is important to find courses that offer a neutral and credible description of NFTs and the related ecosystem. Prepare for the future with the right learning resources and become a certified NFT professional now.

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P. S. — If you are just looking for best free resources to learn NFT then you can also checkout this list of best free NFT courses for beginners. This list contains best free resources to learn about Non Fungible tokens in 2022, including Udemy courses.



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