5 Interview Questions for Web Developer

Sanjam Singh
May 11 · 3 min read
Image from unsplash

Going for interviews can be constraining and if you are nervous then, you can be destroyed and give up your courage while facing your interviewer. If you wish to be happy with your interview, you have to make your mind for the general frequent interview suspects. This article will give you an idea of what type of questions I faced in my interview with its answers as well.

Note: These are the questions that I remembered while writing this article.

How can you reduce page loading time?

What are the advantages of HTTP 2.0 over HTTP 1.1?

How do you take into account SEO, maintainability, UX, performance, and security when you’re building a web application?

Maintainability: Just because your code practices doesn’t perform it maintainable. Keep it Simple and organized so that other developers can easily work and save their time while maintaining it. The same situation continues for testing.

UX: The app should be helpful for developers to manage. Build that app so developers prefer to work with it. Don’t carry out its difficulty and don’t require them to consider.

Performance: If two sections of code perform the same task but are specific, run a standard test to determine which one works better but still look at the negative effect of maintainability or scalability. So, Don’t repeat code.

Security: App security is significant so it’s relevant to settle abreast of modern security movements, update the application, and applied to relate security loopholes and secure users’ data.

Which are the new APIs provided by HTML5?

Which one do you use the most, CSS Animations or JavaScript Animations?

In Cases of JavaScript animations, advanced animation effects are expected in the project. A superior level of control is required, JS animation works well. For example, bouncing, stop pause etc.

Thus, CSS animation and JavaScript animation are different ways to create web animations. It depends on the projects and the requirements as per the clients. So, I use both of them.


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