6 Best Java 8 Certification Practice Tests and Exam Dumps in 2023

These are my favorite resources to prepare for Java SE 8 Certification Exam in 2023. This includes practice tests, exam dumps, and mock tests to assess your preparation.

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6 Best Java 8 Certification Practice Tests and Exam Dumps
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Hello guys, if you are preparing for Java SE 8 Certification like OCAJP 8 (1Z0–808) and OCPJP 8 (1Z0–809) and looking for the best practice tests, exam simulators, and exam dumps then you have come to the right place.

Earlier, I have shared the best OCAJP 8 Courses and Books and in this article, I am going to share the best practice test to asses your preparation for Java SE8 Exam.

Apart from books, exam simulators are another essential tool to prepare for Java certifications. They not only allow you to test your knowledge topic-wise but also provide a helpful explanation to clear your doubt and misconception, which means you can learn on the fly.

They are also very important to build the speed and accuracy required to pass a challenging exam like the Java Certification exam where you may lose a lot of time on tricky questions if you are not careful.

They also help you to learn subtle concepts which you may miss otherwise. Actually, when I prepared for my SCJP exam, I learned many new concepts by just giving mock exams and solving practice questions.

Since most Java certification aspirants are Java developers with some experience, I mean, they have done a good amount of coding, and they can easily understand the code. Still, they might not be familiar with the exam format.

These mock exams, particularly from Whizlabs, Udemy, and Enthuware, helps to prepare in real exams like scenarios with a similar pattern and the same amount of questions.

By doing a couple of mock exams, you can assess your speed, accuracy, and knowledge. This also helps you to find your strong and weak areas. In the real exam, I first tackle questions from the strong area and then move to weak areas.

Once you have gone through all the Java SE 8 exams and finished reading your study guide, you can take these mock exams and practice tests to get a feel of how well you do in real exams.

The results of these exam simulators are also quite close to the actual exam. For example, if you score 70% in Whizlabs or Enthuware, then you will most likely score 70–80% in the actual exam, provided you have completed your test with full honesty, within a given time frame and without taking any help.

Most of these exam simulators also keep the history of how you are doing from your first test to the last test to give you a good indication of your progress. They will also highlight your strong and weak areas, which you can further improve. In short, exam simulators are an essential tool for doing well in Java certifications.

Btw, Exam simulators are not the same as exam dump, which is a PDF of previous questions asked in OCAJP or OCPJP exams; I don’t recommend them to completely relying on exam dumps because when you do them, you try to memorize them, expecting they will come in the actual exam, which totally defeats the purpose of certification I mean, certification with learning and experience.

At the same time, you can use them to find patterns, difficulty levels, and important topics. They give you a valuable glimpse of actual questions asked in real exams. If you used it correctly they can not only improve your chances but also help you score good marks in the actual exam.

6 Best OCAJP 8 and OCPJP 8 Exam Simulators and Practice Tests for Java Programmers in 2023

Here is a list of some of the best commercial exam simulators available for Java 8 certifications, like the OCAJP8 or 1Z0–808 exam and the OCAJP8 or 1Z0–809 exam.

Most of the exam simulators also provide free sample questions and online tests, which you can take before purchasing them to judge the quality of questions and whether you will get the worth your money or not.

1. Whizlabs

The Whizlabs exam simulator is certainly the best product in the market to prepare for Java certification. Whizlabs is also one of the pioneers in commercial Java exam simulators and helped Java developers for more than 8 to 10 years.

I first start using Whizlabs long back in 2007 and 2008 when I did my SCJP 1.4 certification, and thanks to the quality of their question, I scored 100% then.

More than score, I learned many subtle concepts of Java programming, which I didn’t know even after programming in Java for more than 4 years. Since then I have used Whizlab’s practice tests to crack many IT certifications.

Their Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer (OCAJP 8) Practice Test contains 7 full-length tests with 620 unique questions, covering all exam topics and all important concepts. They provide the most comprehensive test for your Java knowledge online.

I highly recommend this practice test to anyone who aims to pass Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer (OCAJP 8) in the first attempt with a high score.

Here is the link to join this Java Practice Test — Whizlabs 1Z0–808 test

best exam simulator for Java SE certification

The best part of the Whizlabs simulator is a free online mock test for Java 8, which you can take before purchasing the simulator. The free test will give you a good idea of what you can expect in return for your money.

Currently, they have a special offer for the OCAJP8 exam where you can buy the $29.90 simulator for just 9.95$.

By the way, if you are regularly preparing for IT certification, consider taking Whizlabs subscription which provides full access to all of their online training courses and practice test for different certifications like AWS, Java, Cloud, Docker, and Kubernetes with just $99 per annum (50% discount now). I highly recommend this subscription plan as Whizlabs has the best materials to prepare for IT certifications.

2. Udemy

Many people don’t know that apart from video courses, Udemy also has practice tests. I have created Java SE 11 Practice test and in the process of creating Java SE 8 Practice tests.

They provide a timed way to practice questions in real exam scenarios and there are many good quality Java SE 8 Practice tests available in Udemy, for both 1Z0–808 and 1Z0–809 exam, but I really liked Udyan Khatris’ Java Practice tests. They are deep, well explained, and cover key exam topics.

Here are my recommended Java SE 8 Practice Test on Udemy

  1. Java Certification: OCA (1Z0–808) Exam Simulation [2023]
  2. Java Certification — OCA (1Z0–808) Topic-wise Tests [2023]
  3. Java Certification: OCP (1Z0–809) Exam Simulation [2023]
best online courses for Java SE certification

And,if you want to support, you can also check my Java SE Certification tests on Udemy for Java SE 8, Java SE 11, Spring, and Java SE 17 certification.

3. Enthuware

The Enthuware exam simulator is the second-best, in my opinion. I can say that because I have used it while preparing for my exam as well. It is also much cheaper than Whizlabs, just around 9 or 10 USD which is just a bargain.

I am sure it’s less than what you expend for tea and snacks in a day or two. So, even if you buy Whizlabs or Kaplan Java 8 exam simulator, you can still give it a try to Enthuware.

It also contains good quality questions and very detailed and accurate explanations, which will help you learn subtle Java programming details.

4. Java 8 Exam Dumps by David Mayer

This is a different kind of exam simulator for Java certification as it contains 1Z0–808 Exam dumps which are nothing but the real questions from previous exams contributed by the community and candidates who have taken the Java SE 8 Exam in past.

It has become quite popular in a quick time. It is one of the three best Java 8 exam simulators currently available in the market, as it provides a unique experience of actual exam questions.

I know David Mayer is doing quite a good job of keeping the exam simulator updated with the feedback from the user and coming up with new and more challenging questions with updates now and then.

So, if you are preparing for the OCAJP8 or OCPJP8 exam, you can consider buying this exam simulator.

Here is the link to take these practice tests Java 8 Exam Dumps

best exam dumps for Java SE 8 certification

This simulator specifically targets the newest Java certification with some good questions with detailed explanations. They even have a free Java 8 test, which you can take by entering your email before purchasing their full exam simulator.

The free online test contains 10 questions which will give you a sufficient idea of what to expect in their full version of Java 8 exam simulators which contains 4 full Java 1Z0–808 dumps and 308 unique questions with explanations.

They also provide OCPJP8 or 1ZO-809 exam simulators. The cost of the exam simulator is also rightly priced at 39.99 USD, which in my opinion cheap given the quality of questions. They also provide a free upgrade for new certification versions for an existing customer.

5. Kaplan SelfTest

The Kaplan self-test is the official partner of Oracle and authorized to provide practice tests to Java programmers preparing for OCAJP8 exams. This means you will get the most realistic exam simulators for your practice.

They not just provide Java simulators but also provide simulators for Oracle database certifications. Good collection of tests but a little bit expensive than the other two.

They also provide exam simulators for most of the Java certifications like 1Z0–803 — Java SE 7 Programmer I, 1Z0–804 — Java SE 7 Programmer II, 1Z0–805 — Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer, 1Z0–810 — Upgrade Java SE 7 to Java SE 8 OCP, 1Z0–813 — Upgrade to Java SE 8 OCP, 1Z0–808 — Java SE 8 Programmer I and 1Z0–809 — Java SE 8 Programmer II.

Their exam simulators for OCAJP 8, like the 1Z0–808 Practice Test for Java SE 8 Programmer I exam, contains

  • 180 questions simulating vendor test questions
  • 210 complimentary flashcards
  • Detailed explanations for correct/incorrect answers help you grasp underlying concepts.
  • A comprehensive score report helps you focus your study efforts.

They even have a free online test which you can try before purchasing the exam simulators. Given they are the official partner of Oracle to provide practice test, their price is a bit on the higher side, like, for 1Z0–809 Practice Test, which contains 206 questions, and 270 complimentary flashcards will cost you $69 for 30 days of online access and $89 for 180-day online access.

6. EPractize Labs

Not in the same league as Whizlabs or Enthuware, but a good resource for really motivated Java developers. They also provide exam simulators for all core Java, Java EE, and Java ME certifications.

For example, they have simulators for 1Z0–808 — Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer, 1Z0–809 — Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer, 1Z1–810 — Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Upgrade Programmer, and for other older exams.

2. Books and Courses

Apart from exam simulators, you must have a good book or study guide to prepare for any Java certification like OCAJP8 or OCAJP8. There are many good books available in the market, but the one that stands out to me is the study guide written by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff for Java 8.

Both Jeanne and Scott know what is required to pass Java certification. This book shows that I highly recommend this book to any Java Programmer preparing for Java SE 8 Certification in 2023.

Similarly, when it comes to online courses for Java SE 8 certification exam, no one comes close to Oracle Java Certification — Pass the Associate 1Z0–808 Exam course on Udemy by Tim Buchalaka. This 20-hour course is all you need to prepare well for the OCAJP 8 or 1Z0–808 exam online.

best course for Java SE 8 Certification

I highly recommend this course along with Scott’s books and Whizlab’s exam simulator.

You can also see the following articles for more books and other resources:

What about Java SE 11 or 1Z0–819 Exam in 2023?

You may have questioned whether pursuing Java SE 8 certification in 2023 is worth it or not? Why not go for Java SE 11 Certification or 1Z0–819 Exam which is a more recent one?

If you can go for that exam, by all means, you should go for that, I always suggest you go for the latest certification but at the same time it’s a difficult exam to crack.

While there is an obvious benefit of passing just one exam 1Z0–819 and become a certified Java programmer instead of passing two exams 1Z0–808 and 1Z0–809, but they are easier to crack the Java SE 11 Developer exam.

If you are in hurry to get Java certified for whatever reason, then OCAJP 8 is still the easiest exam to pass.

And, if you are preparing for Java SE 11 certification then you can also check out my Java SE 11 Practice test which contains 250+ high-quality questions to crack this tough exam on the first attempt.

best Java SE 11 Practice Test

That’s all on this list of best Java 8 practice tests, exam simulators, and mock exams. Out of these 5, my personal favorite is Whizlabs, and most of the time Java 8 study guide and Whizlabs simulator are more than enough to do well on Java SE 8 certification exams.

But, if you are looking for a really high score, somewhere in the range of 95 to 100, you would like to prepare more, and that’s where you can take help from other mock tests like Udemy and Enthuware. I have actually listed them on their usefulness; Whizlabs and Enthuware are the best of the lot.

P. S.: If you are looking for a course to prepare for Java SE 8 certification, then Oracle Java Certification — Pass the Associate 1Z0–808 Exam! from Udemy is also a nice place to start with. It explains about new features of Java 8 required for the OCAJP 8 exam.




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