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8 Best & Free Spring Professional Certification Courses & Practice Tests for Java Programmers in 2022

These are the best online courses and practice tests to prepare for Spring Professional Certification in 2022 for Java programmers.

8 Best & Free Spring Professional Certification Courses & Practice Tests for Java Programmers

Hello Java programmers, if you are preparing for Spring Professional Certification in 2022 and looking for the best Spring certification courses and practice tests then you have come to the right place.

Earlier, I have shared the best Spring Framework courses and Books, and in this article, I am going to share the best online courses, practice tests, exam simulators, and mock tests to prepare for this prestigious IT certification for Java developers from Vmware.

Many Java developers don’t know that, similar to Oracle’s Java certification, a Spring certification program certifies you for your Spring framework skill. Earlier this certification was provided by Pivotal but now after the takeover, Vmware organizes and certifies IT professionals for their Spring Framework skills.

The Spring Professional certification exam, also known as the Vmware Certified Spring Professional exam (VMware EDU-1202), certifies your knowledge about Spring framework, Spring MVC skill, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Testing with Spring and Spring Boot, and other advanced Spring skills.

One of the reasons why many Java developers are not aware or interested in Spring certification was the steep cost of spring certification. Earlier it was exclusively for developers who enroll in the expensive classroom on an online Spring course from Pivotal now Vmware.

The cost of those training was quite expensive, if you to pay from your pocket like it will cost you around 3200 USD if you take this training in the USA, North America or Europe and somewhere around 50,000 INR depending upon which training you take in India.

If you compare this to Java certification, which costs around 246 USD, it’s costly. Because of the steep cost of Spring certification (VMware EDU-1202), many Java developers who use Spring certification were not keen to get certified, but things have changed.

But now, it’s not mandatory to take Spring training for getting Spring certified. You can directly purchase the exam voucher, which costs around 200 USD, from the Vmware website and appears in the exam.

If you pass, you will become a VmwareCertified Spring Professional and you will get a badge like below to add to your resume:

best online course for Spring certification

Here is some important information for Actual Spring Certification Exam.

  • Name — VMware Certified Spring Professional Certification
  • Duration — 90 Minutes, or 1.5 hours
  • Type — Proctored, Multiple choice
  • Number of Questions — 50 Questions
  • Exam Fee — $200
  • Eligibility/Pre-requisite — None
  • Passing Score — 76%
  • Exam Code — EDU-1202

You can see that the spring certification exam is computer-based, and there a total of 50 questions in the exam, and you will get 90 minutes to answer them.

The passing score is 76%, which means you need to answer 38 out of 50 questions correctly, which’s quite high from many professional certifications.

But the good thing is you are not required to write code, which means time is more than enough to solve those questions. They mainly test your core concepts. If you practiced well and solved some practice questions like given in my Spring Certification course on Udemy, then you will be in good shape for a real exam.

8 Best Spring Certification Courses and Practice Tests for Java Developers

To prepare for spring certification using self-study, you need a good study guide and a good exam simulator. In the last couple of articles, I have shared some of the best study guides for Spring certification, and today I’ll share some of the best Spring mock exams, which are freely available on the internet for practice.

You can use these tests both to check your knowledge and check the quality of questions before purchasing the full-length Spring exam simulator.

Here is my collection of some of the best Spring Core Professional online courses, Certification dumps, and online practice tests. This includes both paid tests as well practice questions that are freely available, as well as some paid courses and practice courses from Udemy and other sites that are worth buying.

1. Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial [Course]

This is the best course material to prepare for Spring Professional Certification. It explains and answers all questions from the Spring Professional Certification Study Guide, which are useful for certification and Java interviews.

Each answer is explained in detail with a video tutorial, description, and a good example for you to get a deep understanding of the discussed topic. With this course, you will get all the required knowledge and skills to pass the Spring Professional Certification Exam (VMware EDU-1202).

The whole course is divided into 8 modules, and each has a separate course:
Module 01 — Container, Dependency, and IoC
Module 02 — Aspect-Oriented Programming
Module 03 — Data Management: JDBC, Transactions, JPA, Spring Data
Module 04 — Spring Boot
Module 05 — Spring MVC and The Web Layer
Module 06 — Security
Module 07 — REST
Module 08 — Testing

This course covers the first module of the entire course. Inside, you can find answers to all topics from Spring Professional Certification Study Guide's first section, which is Container, Dependency, and IoC.

Here is the link to join this Spring Certification course Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial — Module 01

best spring certification course

If you are serious about passing Spring Professional Certification, I also suggest you join other Spring course modules like Spring Professional Certification Part 2, 3, 4, and 5.

And, now let’s some free mock tests for Spring Certification in 2022.

8 Best Spring Certification Practice Questions, Mock Tests, and Exam Dumps for Java Programmers in 2022

Without wasting any more of your time, here are the best online exam simulators, practice questions, mock tests, and Spring certification exam dumps to better prepare for Spring professional certification in 2022 and beyond.

This includes resources from Udemy, Whizlabs, CertificationQuestions, and other popular online portals.

1. David Mayer’s Spring 5.0 Mock questions [299 Questions]

This is one of the best Spring mock exams available online. It contains 299 questions that you can take online in a time-based test or download PDF for offline reading.

It contains Spring professional exam dumps, which are the actual questions from Spring professional exam, contributed by a candidate who has taken Spring certification in the past. It will give you a good idea about the difficulty level of questions you can expect in the real exam.

There are not many free practice tests available for Spring certifications. Those few available also don’t have enough questions for practice; hence, if you are serious about Spring certification, I suggest you buy the full version of this exam, which contains 299 high-quality questions for Spring certification.

Here is the link to get this test David Mayer’s Spring 5.0 Mock questions

best spring certification dumps

They also have a free test containing 10 questions from their Spring certification dumps; you can also try them to get a feel of questions before committing.

2. My Spring Certification Practice Test on Udemy [250 Questions]

Many of you already know that I have Java and Spring Certification Practice tests on Udemy, which contains 250 high-quality questions to assess your preparation level for Spring certification.

I have covered all the exam topics mentioned in the official exam guide to complete the assessment. These 250 questions are divided into 5 full-length tests and a proper explanation of the various essential Spring Framework concepts involved.

I suggest you take those practice tests in real exam scenarios to have a good understanding of your preparation level. You can also use those practice questions to test the speed and accuracy required to pass this prestigious Spring professional certification.

Here is the link to join this test — My Spring Professional Practice Test

best spring certification practice test on Udemy

3. VMware Certified Spring Professional Certification [Whizlabs]

This is another high-quality Spring certification Practice test you can take to assess your preparation level and build the speed and accuracy required to pass this prestigious VmWare Spring Professional Certification.

Whizlabs is known for high-quality practice questions and exam simulators, and I have personally used Whizlabs to pass several Java certifications in the past, and this test is also no exception.

This online practice test contains 4 Full-length Mock Exams with more than 200 unique VMware Certified Spring Professional exam questions with their answers and detailed explanations.

You will get lifetime access to their practice tests and get support from Spring experts to solve any doubt you have.

Here is the link to join this Spring Test VMware Certified Spring Professional Certification

best spring certification Exam Simulator on Whizlabs

They also have a free Spring certification test, with 20 questions for practice; if you are looking for a free Spring professional test, you can use it to get yourself famialri with exam topics and difficulty levels.

By the way, if you are preparing for certification, consider taking Whizlabs subscription which provides full access to all of their online training courses and practice tests for different certifications like AWS, Java, Cloud, Docker, and Kubernetes with just $99 per annum (50% discount now).

4. Java and Movies Spring 4.2 Certification questions (50 questions)

This is one of the best free Spring certification tests available right now. They have shared 50 sample questions for Spring Core 4.2 Professional exam. The mock exam contains practice questions on all major topics; here is the number of questions for each topic:

  1. Container (13)
  2. Test (5)
  3. AOP (10)
  4. Data Access (5)
  5. Transactions (5)
  6. Spring MVC (3)
  7. Spring Security (3)
  8. Remoting (2)
  9. JMS (2)
  10. JMX (2)

You can also find the answers to all questions at the end of the PDF document. If you are thinking about preparing for this topic, well, there is no single course or book. You need to take help from a couple of sources like Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru covers most of this topic.

Also, here is the updated list of topics for the Spring 5 Certification

best spring certification Exam Questions

To prepare REST and Spring Security in-depth, I suggest you check fellow blogger Eugen Paraschive’s Learn Spring Security: The Certification Class and REST with Spring Certification class courses; both are excellent, not just for certification but for in overall experience and knowledge required for a professional job.

5. Vojtech Ruzicka’s Spring 4.2 question deck (200 questions) [FREE]

Vojtech Ruzicka has shared some useful tips, notes, and practice questions for both Spring core and Spring web exams. If you are preparing for Pivotal Certified Spring Professional, then his practice questions are handy.

He has also created a set of flashcards using Anki software. The questions are basically derived from his Spring core study notes. Anki provides desktop clients as well as mobile applications to study on the go.

Once you download his deck of exam questions, you can use it on desktop or mobile at your convenience. The deck contains close to 200 questions, and you can import the deck in Anki using File → Import.

6. Java and Moies Spring 3.0 Certification questions (50 questions)

This is one of the best free resources to prepare for Spring professional certification. It contains Mock questions to prepare the Core Spring 3.x Certification : free 50 multiple-choice questions / 88 minutes / passing score = 76 % (38 questions answered successfully).

While this is not the most up-to-date, like it doesn’t cover Spring 5 version, it's still good enough to check your basic Spring framework knowledge.

You can download the PDF of these Spring questions from this link. Even though the questions for Spring 3.0 certification it’s still useful, and you can give it to check your knowledge and understanding of the core spring framework.

7. 50 Free Spring Certification Practice Questions

I have also shared 50+ free questions from my Spring certification course on Udemy. You can use these questions to not only check your knowledge but also to learn useful concepts, and if you like these questions then youc an also buy full length test on Udemy

7. Spring Professional Certification Practice Tests Module 01 -08

This is one of the most comprehensive sets of questions to prepare for Spring Professional Certification in 2022. Created by Dominic Cebula, author of popular Spring certification prep course, these are topic-wise Spring certification tests.

There are 8 Practice Tests courses, each covering one module from the official Spring certification guide and having 300 questions based upon those modules to check your knowledge thoroughly.

Please note that these are not official Exam Questions or exam sumps; however, they were created with care to make sure to capture all required knowledge from the specific modules.

If you are looking for a comprehensive set of spring certification questions, you can join this course.

here is the link to join this course Spring Professional Certification Practice Tests Module 01 -08

best spring certification Exam course on Udemy

That’s all about some of the best Spring certification practice tests (VMware EDU-1202), which are freely available on the web. If you are a Java programmer preparing for Spring certification, I have shared some of the most useful resources to help you prepare for this blog.

The list includes Spring certification notes for both Spring core and Spring Web certifications, Spring mock exams, free Spring Certification dumps, books for Spring certifications, and official Spring certification guides. You can check them in your free time.

If you like books, you will also be glad to know that I have written a book on Spring Boot Interview, called Grokking the Spring Boot Interview where I have tried to answer most of Spring and Spring Boot-related questions from the official Spring certification guide.

If you are preparing for Spring certification, then you can also use the book for quick revision. If you are interested, you can pre-order the book on Gumroad.

Other Java and Spring Certification Articles you may like:

P. S. — If you are an experienced Java developer using the Spring framework for 3 to 5 years and want to get certified for your skill, I suggest you go through David Mayer’s Online Spring Mock test; it’s an online test. If you can score over 80%, then you are ready for the real exam.



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