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10 Best Places to Learn SQL Online for FREE

My favorite websites to learn SQL Query and Database fundamentals online like SQLZoo, SQLBolt, Khan Academy and Udemy

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10 Best Websites to Learn SQL Online for FREE

Here is my collection of the top five websites, which I found good to learn and master SQL. There are many websites, blogs, and tutorials out there on the internet, but at the same time, it’s difficult to find excellent resources.

Since I have a passion for collecting good resources for learning technology, I always bookmark my great discoveries. These websites are some of those, while some are quite common, like Udemy and Coursera, others like SQLZoo and SQLBolt are real gems.

1. Udemy

This website has the biggest collection of online courses, both free and paid. Since online courses are a great way to learn a new technology or programming language, you can also learn the basics of SQL and Databases.

Finding the right course is a tough job there as well because there are literally so many courses, and you are not sure which instructor is best and which course meets your requirements, so you need to watch previews, read reviews, and decide based upon that.

If you ask me, The Complete SQL Bootcamp by Josh Portilla is the best course to learn SQL. It has, on average, 4.5 ratings from more than 127,000 students, which are really impressive.

  1. Advanced Databases and SQL Querying — 4.3 rating from approx 100,000 Students
  2. Oracle SQL — A Complete Introduction — 4.5 ratings from 25,000 Students
  3. Microsoft SQL Server — An Introduction — 4.4 ratings from 7,000 Students

2. Coursera

Coursera is another place where you can learn in-demand tech skills for free. Many people don’t know, but Coursera has many free courses, and most of their paid courses are also free-to-audit. They are the best website to learn Data Science and got several useful courses to learn essential Data Science skills like SQL.

  1. Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) — This is another great SQL course on Coursera which the University of Michigan offers. It has on average 4.8 ratings, and more than 120K people have joined it.
  2. Database Design and Basic SQL in PostgreSQL — This one is for people who want to learn Database design and SQL in PostgreSQL, a popular SQL vendor. It’s a relatively newer course but has, on average, 4.8 ratings.
  3. Intermediate SQL — This is another awesome PostgreSQL course from Coursera, which you can join for FREE. It’s more for intermediate developers who are familiar with PostgreSQL. For example, you can join this after going through a previous course.
best platform to learn SQL — Coursera

3. SQLZoo

SQLZoo is one of the best, and I guess, the most popular website for learning SQL online. It provides both tutorials and exercises, and that’s why it is equally useful for someone just starting with SQL and programmers who know SQL but want some good practice to really master it.

The SQLZoo provides easy-to-understand tutorials and interactive examples to write queries and see results right in your browser.

You will find SQL interactive tutorials, examples, and exercises on this website. It covers most SQL clauses like SELECT clause to read data, CREATE to make a new database, ALTER to change the database, and DELETE to remove data and tables.

3. Learn SQL from CodeCademy [FREE]

This is another great place or website to learn SQL for FREE. Codecademy was one of the first interactive websites I learned about, and since then, I have learned many key skills like Linux bash, SQL, Java, and JavaScript on Codecademy.

  1. How to write complex queries by learning essential query keywords and functionality
  2. How to use powerful functions for performing complex database operations with ease.
  3. How to create and manipulate databases with multiple related tables

4. SQL Course from Stanford University

This is a free SQL course provided by Stanford University. This course contains good SQL video tutorials to explain both the basic and advanced SQL and Relational databases concepts.

You can use this course in both registered and non-registered mode, though it’s better to get registered to save your progress. It’s also a self-paced course so that you can learn at your own speed.

This website also provides all course material for free, like SQL scripts, course slides, etc., which you can download from relevant sections. Given this course is from Stanford University, you can rest assured of quality.

5. SQL Course from Khan Academy

One of the best websites to learn computer science and programming online, Khan Academy also has a good SQL tutorial with the title “Intro to SQL: Querying and managing databases.”

In this free SQL tutorial, you’ll learn how to use SQL to store, query, and manipulate data. SQL is a special-purpose programming language designed to manage data in a relational database and is used by many apps and organizations.

I have used some tutorials from Khan Academy in the past, and this is one of them; it’s like a virtual classroom.

6. SQL Tutorial — Full Database Course for Beginners [FreeCodeCamp]

FreeCodecamp is another useful place to learn tech skills. They have a website and a Youtube channel which is full of free but comprehensive courses and this is one of them.

7. SQLBolt

SQLBolt is another good website to learn SQL with simple, interactive examples. It contains a series of interactive lessons and exercises designed to help you quickly learn SQL right in your browser.

It contains 20 lessons from a basic SQL query to more advanced and confusing Join queries, aggregation, filtering, and dealing with nulls. It is one of the best resources to learn SQL for complete beginners.

So if you are the one who wants to learn SQL or you know SQL but don’t feel comfortable, then go and try out SQLBolt’s interactive SQL tutorials. SQLBolt also has SQL tasks after each lesson, which will force you to use the knowledge you have learned in the lesson.

8. Datacamp

Many people don’t know that Datacamp has an excellent SQL course which you can use to learn SQL for Data Science. The course is an excellent resource to master the basics of querying tables in relational databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

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