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How Much Does It Cost To Hire JavaScript Developer

Did you ever have a thought that even a small cafe will have its website or web application?

The boom of digitization has pushed every local store to go online and expand its user base.

So whether you have decided to develop a website or a web app to boost your business growth, JavaScript is the standalone programming language that still holds importance in developing the majority of websites, mobile applications, and desktop widgets.

But, here many of you are curious to know “how much does it cost to hire a JavaScript developer?”

There are many software development companies that help you hire developers with an average cost of $25 to $50. Still, the reality is there are several things that you need to consider to get an answer to this question.

The developer’s cost will greatly vary due to skills, expertise, location, experience, and more. So in this post, we have explained various engagement models, a checklist of hiring a JavaScript Developer, and an estimation of the average per hour cost of the developer.

Here are the key highlights of the JavaScript:

  • Cost To Hire JavaScript Developer
  • Factors Affecting The Cost of Hiring JavaScript Developer
    -Freelancer Vs In-House Development Team Vs Dedicated Development Team
    -Geolocation of the Developers
    -Expertise And Skills
    -Choice of Engagement Model
  • Checklist to Hire JavaScript Developer
    -What type of developer do you need for the project?
    -Technical and Soft Skills of the Developers
    -Market Expertise
    -Project Delivery Track Record
  • Conclusion

Let’s discuss each point in detail…

1. Why JavaScript Still Holds the Industry Grounds?

JavaScript is a programming language that first appeared in 1995, as a client-scripting language that has been widely used to create interactive web and mobile applications. However, despite being in a firm for 30+ years, JavaScript still remains a staple of front-end development and a most loved, desirable, and popular programming language.

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Apart, here are a few reasons that make JavaScript, a most demanding programming language for the app development projects:

  • JavaScript is supported by all the browsers and enables you to build interactive web applications. With HTML and CSS, developers can customise web pages including titles, text, images layout, design, fonts and more. It won’t be wrong to say that only HTML and CSS websites would be static and displaying the data, but with JavaScript, you can add interactivity to your web pages.
  • JavaScript brings you faster user experience as codes used to run directly in the browser and minimise the loading time.
  • Being asynchronous, JavaScript communicates with the server without interrupting the user interaction in the frontend.
  • Being existing for 30+ years in the development industry, JavaScript has built a very vast community. So if you are looking to hire JavaScript developers, you will get an opportunity to choose from the vast pool of developers.
  • The JS syntax is easy and flexible to understand by newcomers, and also it makes the app development process easier for beginners.
  • Right from e-commerce websites, real-time data apps to on-demand apps like food ordering, taxi booking apps are some of the great examples where the more extensive database and faster loading pages are required. Besides, the majority of the world’s leading websites and apps, including Paypal, Netflix, LinkedIn and Uber are using JavaScript.
  • JavaScript brings you a wide choice of libraries and frameworks that make it easier for developers to build large web-based applications. Right from AngularJS, ReactJS, to EmberJS, many dynamic JS frameworks enable you to develop highly interactive and professional-looking web applications.

All these reasons are making sense to hire a JavaScript developer for your next app development project. But now the question is how much it costs to hire JavaScript App Developers?

Don’t worry; this post is all about helping you find the best JavaScript app development company and know how much it costs to hire JS developer.

2. Cost To Hire JavaScript Developer

Whether you are a bootstrapper or a leading entrepreneur, the app development cost is always one of the pressing questions for the businesses.

According to the survey report, the average salary of the JavaScript developer in 2020 hits $114,986 in the US, and the median global hourly rate is $61-$90/hr.

the The survey report revealed that C++ is one of the most demanding programming languages, but still, JavaScript is an essential technology that will always remain in trend in future.

Moreover, 11 million developers are actively leveraging this language for development, so finding the best development team for your project is never a big challenge for the businesses.

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On the other hand, the cost to hire JS developer in Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia is $110, $75, $40 and $18/ hr respectively.

Since the developer’s per hour cost will directly impact the overall development cost of the app, therefore, it is worth understanding the “Why there is so much variation in the developer’s cost?”.

There is no standard cost of hiring the JS developers, as there are several factors influencing the cost of the developer.

3. Factors Affecting The Cost of Hiring JavaScript Developer

When it comes to determining the cost of hiring the JavaScript developer, several factors are contributing to the developer’s cost.

So let’s start discussing each of them in detail:

The modern IT market provides you with an opportunity to hire resources that best fits your needs. There are multiple hiring options, including freelance JavaScript Developers, developing your in-house development team, or outsourcing dedicated team of developers. Each option has its advantages and limitations, so before making any decision, it is worth going into details of each option.

Hiring freelancer is an ideal option in case you are qualified enough and have knowledge of technology to find the right expert for you. There are certain websites including Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, and more that allow you to hire developers. The most significant advantage of hiring freelancers is they are the cheapest option, communication and developer’s skills are the biggest issues with freelancers. The average cost of a freelancer can be starting from $10 to $15+ depending upon the skills and expertise of the expert.

Developing a team of developers can be a great idea for the leading businesses, but practical hurdles of choosing the right experts for the projects makes it complicated to proceed with. There are few platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed and Dice that help you find developers, but it can be time-consuming to interview various candidates and manage their monthly salaries. But, the great advantage of having an in-house development team is hassle-free communication. The annual salary of the developers can be ranging from $95,000 in the US and can go beyond that also.

Outsourcing is one of the most common yet popular options these days as several software development company/companies are offering you to hire a development team at attractive prices. The most significant benefit of outsourcing companies is that they are backed by experienced and well-qualified JavaScript developers, committed to delivering excellent quality and on-time project delivery. And the most reliable platforms for outsourcing companies are Clutch, GoodFirms, and IT Firms. On average, you can outsource a dedicated development team ranging from $35 to $50+.

How much a JS developer’s cost will greatly depend on the location of the expert. Whether you choose to develop an in-house development team or leveraging the advantage of outsourcing, the per hour cost of the developer greatly varies according to expertise, experience, and location of the developer. But it’s a globally accepted fact that India is comparatively a first choice of businesses to hire developers because of the cheapest prices.

The expertise and skills of the experts are the most significant cost-driving factor that can’t be overlooked. As the market experience of the developer increases, they get a better understanding of what technologies and methodologies they should integrate to develop customer-centric products.

The simple app development requirements can be fulfilled by hiring JS developers with min 5 years of experience that may cost you around $20 per hour in India. While the complicated app development projects that require modern features and a prolonged period for completion are better to leave with the highly experienced developers that may be starting from $50 per hour.

Different businesses have different requirements, so most development companies provide you with the flexibility to hire developers at flexible engagement models. There are two types of engagement models:

Partial Engagement Model: Part-time hiring model is standard and an ideal choice for businesses who need to hire developers for short-term projects.

For example, you have an app idea or looking for experts to upgrade your existing application with the modern one; then it makes sense to outsource the development team that analyses your requirement and suggests to you the undetermined amount of time it will take to complete the project. But the ultimate choice will be yours, like for how many hours you want to hire developers. The final billing will be done according to the per hour cost of the developer and the total number of hours he/she devoted to the project.

Dedicated Engagement Model: Hiring a dedicated team of developers can be a great option when you need an expert that assists you right from scratch to the final development.

When you outsource the development team, basically you will get the best experts on a project. They include project management, business analyst, developer, quality assurance, UX/UI designer that deeply evaluate your app idea and leverage the proven methodologies and latest technologies to deliver robust solutions.

So now you understand various factors affecting the cost of hiring a JavaScript Developer, but with millions of app developers, how will you choose the best app developer for your project?

4. Checklist to Hire JavaScript Developer

When it comes to hiring app developer, many experts will guide you to look for the experience, skills, knowledge, and budget of hiring the developer. Undoubtedly, these are the necessary parameters, but it is important to evaluate the developer’s profile with these parameters rightly. Let’s proceed with the checklist that helps you hire the right JavaScript developer for your project:

What type of developer do you need for the project?

JavaScript is the programming language that is used for both the backend and front end. So the choice of the type of developer depends upon the demand of the project. The simple sites and apps can work OK with static content, whereas a big site with massive data storage like an eCommerce site and Paypal type applications requires powerful programming language.

According to the survey report, undoubtedly, JavaScript developers are in high demand, and from 50,000 programmers, 55.4% are using Javascript for the app development project. And it is found that 90% of front-end developers and 54% of back-end developers are using JS. So it is hard to reveal whether JavaScript is ideal for back-end or front-end developers.

Technical and Soft Skills of the Developers

The performance of the app is greatly depending upon the skills and expertise of the developer, so here are the few important technical and soft skills that you need to check-in JS developer:

Technical Skills of the JS developer

  • JS developers should have knowledge of integrating third-party APIs like REST and GraphQL.
  • Knowledge of using Angular.JS, React, and Vue to create a highly interactive user interface and component-specific applications.
  • Expertise in using technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 for website development.
  • Knowledge of Node.js with other frameworks like Koa.JS and Express.JS to develop beautiful yet fully functional websites.

General Skills of JavaScript Developer

  • Analytical skills
  • Industry-specific expertise
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity

Market Expertise

JavaScript developers are commonly available in the market but finding the right skills and expertise for the project is one of the challenging tasks. So while hiring the app developer, make sure an expert has years of domain experience in handling JavaScript development projects and able to develop customer-centric solutions.

Project Delivery Track Record

In the modern app development industry, technologies are quickly evolving, so make sure the app developers have a track record of delivering projects under strict time frames and committed to following standard communication procedures.


To end this post, it is worth to say that hiring the right Javascript developer is one of the challenging jobs for businesses. It requires some technical experience as well as an understanding of the JavaScript developer's engagement model. Since there are multiple factors affecting the cost of hiring a JavaScript developer, therefore, we have tried to cover all the major points in this blog, that help you evaluate the right profile of the JS developer for the project.



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