JavaFX Links Of The Month — March 2023

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Already the end of March, so time to look back at the JavaFX Links Of The Week that were published on

JavaFX Core

Johan Vos is working on backports for JavaFX 17.0.7 to guarantee quality and long-term support.

Together with the release of OpenJDK 20, we also got the release of OpenJFX 20. Both right on schedule, as always!

  • Announcement by Gluon.
  • Downloads are also provided via OpenJDK on
  • Important message in the release notes: “JavaFX 20 is compiled with –release 17 and thus requires JDK 17 or later in order to run. If you attempt to run with an older JDK, the Java launcher will exit with an error message indicating that the javafx.base module cannot be read.”
  • Most important highlight for Johan Vos: “apps created many years ago still run on the latest JavaFX with latest OS. That is far from trivial, require lots of work, and not very common in client frameworks.”
  • And another quote from Johan: “I remember people and companies telling me 5 years ago they love Java and JavaFX, but they were pretty sure JavaFX would not be around in 2 years from them. So they used other client technologies… which don’t exist anymore today… while JavaFX… keeps moving forward. With less hype, and less marketing power than other client frameworks, but with dedication and focus on quality, stability and community. And with tons of stuff todo, I 100% realize that.”

You can already start experimenting with JavaFX 21 Early-Access Builds!

A request by Raumzeitfalle: “If you like Java and JavaFX, give Scene Builder Leadinge Edge a try. Its latest version runs with Java 20 using JavaFX 20 and it combines many of the pending PRs so that one can test the functionality. Feel free to share your feedback on Github.”

JavaFX and Game Development

JavaFX in Science


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