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Best of the Week — January 31 / February 6

Hi guys! Here we are again with another appointment of the “Best of the week”, reviewing best articles from the last week, in which we have published many interesting articles. Let’s see them.

Most Viewed Articles

Avoid Explicit Null Checks by JAVING

How To Build, Run and Test a Simple SpringBoot App in Docker — Lab Test Style by Ruby Valappil

A Simple Implementation of Spring Kafka + Spring Boot by Ruby Valappil

What’s a monitor in Java? by Sivaram Rasathurai

Spring Boot secrets encryption using Jasypt by Praveen G. Nair

Intro to Nginx Web Server (Part 1) by Abdalrhmanalkraien

Free Docker Desktop Alternative for Mac by Wei Kang

News Articles

Oracle JDK now is FREE by Dario De Santis

OpenJDK vs. Oracle JDK by Sajith dilshan

What’s new in Java 17 by Dmytro Timchenko

What’s new in Apache Kafka 3.0 by Dario De Santis

Java 17: What’s New, Removed and Preview in JDK 17 by Vinicius Monteiro

Resource Articles

3 ways to Learn to Code and Programming for Beginners in 2022 — Best of Lot by javinpaul

New Course!! — Azure AI Fundamental Certification AI-900 Exam Practice Test!! by javinpaul

10 Best Microsoft Azure Cloud Certification IT Professionals can Aim in 2022 by javinpaul





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My Experience as a Mentor in LGMSOC’21

Intermediate: Huawei Activity Identification Service | HMS location kit

Part 6: BizTalk Migration: Correlation in logic app

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Dario De Santis

Senior Developer, writing about Java, Spring, Microservices, Kubernetes and Cloud-native programming. Editor for Javarevisited.

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