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Is Coursera’s Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng worth? Review

Since its launch, Coursera’s Deep Learning Specialization has been one of the most popular deep learning programs in the world with over half-million enrolled learners. It’s a comprehensive yet engaging course, suitable for both beginners and experts.

Is Coursera Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng worth? Review
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Hello folks, if you are looking for the best Deep learning course online or thinking to join Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng and his team of on Coursera but thinking whether it’s worth your time and money, or not then you have come to the right place.

Earlier, I have shared the best Coursera courses for Data Science, Machine Learning, and Python Programming. Today, I will review one of the most popular Deep Learning specializations on Coursera, or should I say on the internet.

The Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera by Andrew Ng and his team, offered by While there are many Deep learning courses available online, this is the most detailed and comprehensive yet engaging course on deep learning.

Since its launch in 2017, Coursera’s Deep Learning Specialization has been one of the most popular deep learning programs in the world with over half-million enrolled learners.

It’s suitable for beginners and experts, especially those who want to take their Machine Learning skills to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere in our lives today, from searching in google or video recommendation on YouTube to self-driving cars and smart cameras in your city.

Companies are now competing to get involved in this industry and add AI to their product for better performance and user experience, whether physical or online.

If you are a software engineer or a python user and you also want to get involved in this industry and break into AI, I will recommend to you taking a massive online course on Coursera called Deep Learning Specialization that contains five small courses teaching you the foundation of this technology as a beginner.

This article will show you the deep learning specialization review in many aspects, such as the instructor's reputation and the subjects covered inside the specialization and people's review when they’ve finished the program.

My Review of Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng and on Coursera

Now, let’s start to find out whether the Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng on Coursera is the right course to learn Deep Learning or not. We’ll review the course on important parameters like Instructor, course content, and what other people who have already taken this course think about this specialization.

1. The Instructor

The specialization instructor is known as Andrew Ng, and he is the Co-founder o this online platform, Coursera, and a businessman and an investor. He earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science and statistic back in 1997 from Carnegie Mellon University and a master’s degree from MIT next year.

Andrew Ng worked as a professor at Stanford University and many other jobs such as google, and he invented the Google Brain in 2012 with his peer Jeff Dean and have created many courses in the field of artificial intelligence such as the classic and the most popular machine learning course offered from Stanford University and this deep learning specialization.

best deep learning course on Coursera

2. Certification Structure, Content, and Syllabus

This specialization will deep dive you into the Artificial Intelligence industry, and you will master not only the theory behind this science but also applied in real-world projects, so let’s see what this course offers:

2.1 Neural Networks and Deep Learning

The first course will teach you the theory behind deep learning and apply this technology in the real world, such as creating and training a simple neural network and understanding the key parameters of deep learning.

More than 1 million people have joined this awesome course which is a testament to the quality. It's simply a superb course to learn Neural networks in depth.

2.2 Improving Deep Neural Networks

After understanding the foundation of deep learning and how to create a simple neural network, you now see how to optimize your model's performance by applying many algorithms and tactics such as the dropout regularization and the gradient descent using TensorFlow.

More than 412K people have enrolled in this course, and it has unbelievable 4.9 average ratings out of 5 from almost 60K candidates; this is amazing. I have seen so many courses but never seen anything like this.

2.3 Structuring Machine Learning Projects

Creating some machine learning or deep learning models does not make you a team leader to create a successful AI product, so this course will teach how to become a leader and diagnose machine learning errors, understand complex ML settings, and more.

Talking about social proof, more than 340K students have joined this course, and it has on average 4.8 ratings from 47K candidates, which is again phenomenal.

2.4 Convolutional Neural Networks

Now you understand how to design and build a simple neural network and optimizing it. You will jump into creating a convolutional neural network and start implementing computer vision to recognize faces and self-driving cars and using style transfer to generate arts and many other things.

More than 376 thousand students have joined this course which is again rare feet, and it has an average 4.9 rating from over 39K participants. In terms of ratings, it's probably the best course on convolutional neural networks.

2.5 Sequence Models

The last and most complex subject is learning sequence models, which is natural language processing and makes the machine understand and learn the human language using many algorithms such as Recurrent neural networks and LSTM.

Talking about social proof, this course also has amazing ratings and reviews. More than 302 people have joined this course, and it has on average 4.2 ratings from 26K participants, which is nothing short of exceptional.

3. People Reviews

For the people review on this course, I want to tell you it is really worth it since it gets around 4.8 stars out of 5 by around quart million people have rated this specialization and more than 619K students have enrolled in this program.

Statistics have shown that 41% of the user who has taken this program has started a new career in this industry while 14% have got a promotion on their jobs.

If you see the people's reviews, some of them liked the course since it shows them in-depth how deep learning and AI works step by step with simple quizzes and the videos were good in production.

Some of them didn’t like the user experience, maybe because of the hard math implemented in this course or they didn’t like the videos production and the quizzes being straightforward, but 4.8 stars are enough to convince people to enroll in this course and start a new career in this field.

And, here is the link to join this course — Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng.

Is Deep learning certificaiton on Coursera worth it?

That’s all about the Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng on Coursera. Artificial Intelligence is widespread in almost every product or service that we use in our daily life, and we can not imagine this new age to get developed more and more without this technology, so learning this field is perfect if you are planning to have a career in this industry or just for fun and educational purposes.

In short, Coursera’s Deep Learning Specialization is comprehensive, engaging, informative, and up-to-date which makes it really worth it. If you are serious about taking your Deep learning skills to next level or just want a well structured course for Deep learning then Andrew Ng’s Deep Learning Specialization is worth checking.

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