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Crocoblock Review — is CrocoBlock Worth It?

Is CrocoBlock any good? Is it worth the price you pay?

Web design is not a craft but an art. And every artist needs the best tools. In terms of web design, it means that you need plugins to build fully-fledged, picturesque, and usable sites.

Specific tasks require specific plugins. And WordPress proposes more than 58,000+ plugins. You can download or buy plugins for almost every need. But the problems here are not in the wealth of choice but in:

  • safety of the used plugins: plugins can have hidden code/links, which decrease your site in Google search results;
  • mutual compatibility: all plugins used should not conflict with each other, the theme, template, WordPress itself, and Elementor;
  • plugins can make the site too weight, which will affect the results of Google searches.

One of the best ways to ensure that your plugin is free from these issues is to research the plugin developer. It is OK to use plugins developed by a team with a solid presence in the WordPress community, having a well-known WordPress website, years of experience, and social proof.

But in fact, there are few such developers. Only WordPress, Elementor, and Crocoblock meet these requirements. I want to describe Crocoblock’s set of plugins because Crocoblock provides an integrated approach.

What Does Crocoblock Propose?

Crocoblock envisages a comprehensive approach to its products and proposes both free and premium products, 365/24/7 support, and free tutorials.


Kava theme, WP Query Generator, plugins (JetStyleManager for Native WordPress Editor Gutenberg, JetGridBuilder — Grid Builder for Elementor and Gutenberg, JetFormBuilder — Dynamic Blocks Form Builder, JetWooCommerce Widgets, Jet Content Widgets, JetSticky Widget, ADA Customizer and Installer for accessiBe, and Contact Form 7 Layout Builder);


20+ JetPlugins (JetEngine, JetElements, JetStyleManager, JetSearch, JetSmartfilters, JetGridBuilder, JetBlocks, JetCompareWishlist, JetBooking, JetPopup, JetTabs, JetMenu, JetReviews, JetWooBuilder, JetBlog, JetThemeCore, JetAppointment, JetProductGallery, JetTricks, JetFormBuilder); 12+ dynamic templates, 8+ design templates, 50+ popups.

It means that all plugins focus not only on dynamic widgets, but every plugin complements each other in the typical approach to taxonomies, CPT, and relations to build a modern site.

JetPlugins WordPress Plugins in Details

Currently, there are 20 plugins for Gutenberg and Elementor covering all web design tastes and purposes. Crocoblock presents a detailed description, live demos, and tutorials.


jetelements plugin for elementor

JetElements for Elementor focuses on widgets and visual effects. Using this plugin, you can

  • build content sections & makes them pop by adding countdown timers, testimonials, team members, pricing tables, price lists, and sliders;
  • display posts, images & videos, add portfolio galleries, advanced carousels, post grids, banner image layouts, and logo showcases;
  • apply dynamic widgets, in particular, section parallax, vertical scroll, creative headlines, interactive flip boxes, and comparison sliders;
  • embed 3rd party content: YouTube, Vimeo, AudioPlayer, Weather, GoogleMaps, Instagram, LottieFiles;
  • showcases complex numeric data by pie charts & bar charts, responsive tables, vertical & horizontal timelines, progress bar & circle progress;
  • add WooCommerce badges: recently viewed, best sellers viewed, sale recently viewed, top-rated.


jettricks plugin for elementor

This plugin for Elementor:

  • adds the following tricky widgets: tooltip, hotspot widget, sticky column, section particles, read more expand widget, unfold widget, satellite widget, parallax scrolling effect;
  • applies with different effects to emphasize your content: hot spots, animated view more break, satellite effect, parallax effect for content.


jetengine plugin for elementor and gutenberg

JetEngine for Elementor and Gutenberg is one of the most powerful plugins in dynamic architecture. And I think it is the pride of Crocoblock because it can a lot:

  • create dynamic content: custom post type, custom content type, taxonomy, custom fields, custom fields, options page;
  • develop listing Items: dynamic images, terms, links, fields, stores, metas;
  • explore listing grid layouts: grid, injections, slider, map, calendar, carousel;
  • explore dynamic features (dynamic function, tag, shortcode, conditional logic, macro);
  • create data store, glossary, and dynamic visibility;
  • create users, terms, and posts relationships: hierarchical posts relations, a relation to the items via form, adding and displaying the relations’ custom meta fields, filtering posts by their related items, sorting items by dynamic macros in the Query Builder, adding and editing related items directly in the post-editing area;
  • build query for the following types of data: CPT & CCT items, terms, users, comments, SQL tables, REST API, and WooCommerce products;
  • build tables and charts: displays CPT & CCT items, terms, users & comments, showcases WooCommerce products, enables horizontal scroll for massive tables, previews tables from the dashboard, outputs SQL table data & REST API content, adds smart filters to finished tables;
  • visualize dynamic content: embeds Google Charts through custom JSON code; displays data from CCT items, terms, users, comments, SQL tables; outputs the sorted data & REST API content; previews charts from the dashboard; adds the chart legend & stacked chart elements; adds smart filters to finished charts;
  • build dynamic user’s profile and applies the profile menu widget, provides frontend posts submission, and sets visibility conditions for the site content and specifies their visibilities;
  • enhance Control Over Big Data with RESTful API.


jetsmartfilters plugin for elementor and gutenberg

This plugin for Elementor and Gutenberg applies 15 filtering widgets to any post type. This plugin:

  • uses indexer to display the filtered results smartly;
  • develops a faceted search system by adjusting filtering logic and dynamic filtering;
  • provides filtering hierarchy;
  • applies 15 filter types: sorting, rating, visual filtering, visual filtering, search, radio, date range, check range, select, checkboxes, date pending, and alphabetical;
  • provides seamless integration with ElementorPRO, ACF, JetEngine, and JetWooBuilder.


jetwoobuilder plugin for elementor and gutenberg

This is a top-rated plugin focusing on WooCommerce by 60+ widgets you can apply to any WooCommerce-specific page:

  • custom templates, layout switcher, shop-specific pages (cart, checkout page, success, account pages), carousel types, and category grid;
  • custom templates for single product page, the shop page template, cart page, checkout page, success page, and account page;
  • JetWooBuilder & JetEngine’s query builder functionality (sorting by best selling, top rating, most viewing, date, price range, stock status, alphabetical);
  • 60+ widgets (global, single product widgets, archive card widgets, categories card widgets, shop page, cart page, checkout page, thank you page, my account page).


jetappointment plugin for elementor and gutenberg

JetAppointment is a WordPress appointment plugin for Elementor and Gutenberg, which:

  • creates and configures a functional appointment booking site including single custom forms, single pages, and popup forms;
  • adjusts settings of scheduling, service providers, buffer time, payment, capacity, and price;
  • configures forms and by manual time input, specification price per time unit, applying multiple services & providers, recurring options, filters, and search;
  • provides integration with payment systems available from WooCommerce, email services like Zapier and Integromat, Google Calendar, etc.


jetbooking plugin for elementor and gutenberg

JetBooking is a booking plugin for Elementor. It creates booking & rental websites to offer daily services:

  • building single forms including automatic price calculation, third-party services, adding additional guest options, post-submit notifications, and WooCommerce integration;
  • building catalogs with rates (seasonal/weekly/daily, pricing rates, rates based on the length of stay), filters/search (including property types quantity), pagination, combining meta fields to add various content type
  • managing units.


jetproduct plugin for elementor and gutenberg

JetProductGallery is a top-notch WooCommerce gallery plugin. It scopes mainly on e-shops because it:

  • creates product posts to add any content to the website, including featured videos and files uploading;
  • creates catalogs with product image zoom, pagination, dynamic gallery tags, product lightbox controls, custom styling, displaying product video in a pop-up, and advanced options;
  • applies showy gallery views to single & catalog pages by designing a universal gallery template with different layouts, product gallery slider, gallery grid, and any anchor navigation.


jetcompare & wishlist plugin for elementor

JetCompare&Wishlist for Elementor is a must-have plugin for online stores because it:

  • compares products by any data, styles up the structure and looks of products, adds compare and wishlist buttons, and shows the compare and wishlist count;
  • provides six wishlist widgets: wishlist widget, wishlist count button, wishlist button, compare widget, compare count button widget, and compare button.


jetpopup plugin for elementor

JetPopup is a stylish popup builder for Elementor; it:

  • builds popups for communications (subscribe, discount, Yes/No, countdown, contact us, info card, GDPR, cookie policy;
  • specifies popup appearance (on opening, when users try to exit, while scrolling, attached to widgets, on inactive time, or on the current time);
  • include & exclude conditions for page and templates;
  • provides different ways of pop-ups appearing on pages;
  • animation effects of popups (fade, zoom in, zoom out, move up, bounce in, bounce out, slide up, slide down, slide left, slide right, horizontal flip, vertical flip, rotate).


jetreviews plugin for elementor

JetReviews is a classy review plugin for Elementor, that:

  • creates a rating system for each product/service, makes visible average stats, builds multiple rating scales and streamlined voting, and proposes some listing layouts;
  • creates functionality comprehensively reviews with author verification (guest, customer, and shop manager ), provides review transparency with required field and reCAPTCHA v3, builds queries, and structures data rendering;
  • creates different review types for any CPT types, and show dynamic rates for WooCommerce projects;
  • has two JetReviews widgets: Static Review and Reviews Listing.


jetmenu plugin for elementor

JetMenu builds a custom mega menu with Elementor and:

  • adds different content to Elementor custom menu: stores, multimedia, contacts, blog, dynamic content, and templates;
  • builds speed-optimal horizontal, vertical, and hamburger menu layouts for multiple menus (for mobile, desktop, and tablets), roll up menus and style them with breakpoints, animation, and menu positioning;
  • adds styling options for menus (for mobile, desktop, and tablets): icons, badges, typography, and spacing.


jetblocks plugin for elementor

JetBlocks is a header&footer plugin for Elementor; it builds header/footer with:

  • a set of highly functional widgets: shopping cart icon widget, registration form widget, auth links widget, hamburger panel, login widget, search widget, navigation menu widget, breadcrumbs, change site logo;
  • navigation elements and sticky sections effect.


jetsearch plugin for elementor

JetSearch masters search results displaying advanced stylization settings:

  • showcases post thumbnails, determines text content length, uses pagination to show results;
  • narrows down the search results because of searches within any custom post type, taxonomy, default tags, and categories;
  • arranges the results by relevance and customizes results preview.


jetblog plugin for elementor

JetBlog masters custom posts template-based and/or customized using widgets, and:

  • supports custom WP Query, works with custom post types, adds visual effects to content, and is great for posts archive template;
  • apply widgets to create engaging blog pages: Elementor video playlist for YouTube, Vimeo, and Other, posts pagination, posts navigation, Elementor ticker for news and other content, Elementor post tiles, smart posts list;
  • displays content showcasing the latest news, proposes nine post tile layouts, turns post tiles into slides, and adds video playlists.


jettabs plugin for elementor

JetTabs for Elementor masters positioning of stylish, dynamic customizable tabs including templates and four widgets (switcher, tabs widget, accordion widget, classic accordion for dynamic content):

  • proposes vertical and horizontal tabs layouts, adds any template into tabs, and works with dynamic content;
  • puts all types of the content into the accordion block;
  • switches between some options;
  • adds content into vertical/horizontal tabs.


jetthemecore plugin

JetThemeCore is a WordPress theme builder for Elementor and Gutenberg. It masters custom and stylish themes providing easy modular structure by pre-made content blocks, a vast templates library, and fully editable headers/footers:

  • build & manage website structure, i.e., header & footer, single page, archive, error 404 page, search results page, WooCommerce templates, single post page, custom post type pages;
  • assign conditions to different website parts: apply one/some templates to the page;
  • apply advanced conditions types: advanced URL parameter condition, pick the device to output the template, show the template to the specified users;
  • fully compatible with popular themes.


jetformbuilder plugin for gutenberg

JetFormbuilder is a dynamic WordPress Form Builder for Gutenberg. It

  • builds stylish forms with 18+ stylish field blocks, multi-column layouts, custom HTML addition, inline field editing, and freestyling plugin;
  • applies 19 field types: select, radio, checkboxes, text, text area, hidden, calculated, number, date, datetime, time, media, WYSIWYG, range, heading, repeater, group break, form break, submit, color picker;
  • applies smart features: conditional logic, dynamic values, calculated content/hidden fields, and repeater;
  • creates multi-step forms with page breaks, step indicators, and AJAX reloading;
  • enables form validation by required fields, reCAPTCHA v3, and error messages;
  • sets actions after form submission: frontend post submission, user registration, redirect to page, store form record;
  • explores seamless third-party integrations: subscribe to mailing lists, accept payments & donations, and third-party webhooks.


jetgridbuilder plugin for elementor

JetGridBuilder is a free plugin for building flexible, stylish grids:

  • with a custom number of columns, movable/resizable blocks, the gap between cards, automatically alignments, and adaptable thumbnails:
  • displays content dynamically on CPT, posts, pages, products, and terms.


jetstylemanager plugin for gutenberg

JetStyleManager is a free plugin for Gutenberg to style and visually render any Gutenberg block with 10+ different types of controls. It:

  • uses multiple style parameters to refine any given element’s look.
  • develops a unique design for every Gutenberg block separately.

Crocoblock Pricing

Price issues are often the determining factor when choosing plugins. In general, Crocoblock’s pricing and product policy are characterized by:

  • a holistic approach to both products and price 一 the client can buy both a separate product and all plugins together at a special price;
  • a significant number of additional bonuses (for example, the free Kava theme).

Plugins range in price from $15 to $43.

There are several price plans. All-inclusive for one site costs $199 per year, and for unlimited sites, $399 per year; for unlimited sites for lifetime $999.


To sum it up, I would like to specify the pros and cons of JetPlugins.

Pros: innovative and comprehensive set of plugins, pre-designed templates, Kava theme, 365/24/7 support, free tutorials, the free theme Kava.

Cons: some users say that some plugins have problems in their work, plugins focus mainly on Elementor, some plugins only work in combination with JetEngine, and sometimes it is difficult to change the design of templates,

Crocoblock together constitutes great alternatives for many page builders with a toolbox that fits any project exactly. Each plugin envisages full explanations and support. Widgets are another attractive feature of the JetPlugins so that you can build your website professionally.


#1. Is it possible to use JetPlugins without Elementor?

Yes, there are several JetPlugins for Gutenberg editor, such as JetFormBuilder form plugin, JetEngine dynamic content plugin, JetStyleManager styling plugin, JetBooking & JetAppointment plugins, JetSearch plugin, and more.

#2. What technical requirements are for JetPlugins?

Technical requirements are as follows: PHP 7.2+, WP memory limit of 256MB+, TLS protocol versions: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3, MySQL 5.6 or higher, and an SSL certificate on the server.

#3. What is a dynamic template?

Dynamic templates are Crocobock’s innovation. They are ready-made sites for a specific purpose. All forms, fields, relationships, and taxonomies are pre-configured.

#4. But, in general, there are many good developers. What is the feature of JetPlugins?

It is dynamic content, a common approach to plugins, and mutual compatibility of themes, plugins, and dynamic templates.



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