5 Excellent Open source CMS for Java in 2019

Herman Morgan
Jun 19 · 3 min read
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Content plays a crucial role in the goal of building an online presence and brand name. If you lack this, then you are going to struggle in today’s business world. It is a fact that digital marketing is one of the most important areas of commerce but it often neglected.

To maximize the potential of your operations, you need to get a reliable CMS(Content Management System). You are going to find many of them outside but they will only allow you to create and manage content on websites or blogs. Other than this, there are some CMS that are more effective than others. In this article, we will explore some Java-based CMS which you can make use of. Let’s begin.

It is obvious that CMS is used for publishing the online content but they can be a little trouble when it comes to collaborating on content across various teams. Bynder is a marketing platform which lets you create, search and work on content easily for your brand. It also provides a plethora of high-quality workflows for helping brand marketers and editors to produce and articulate new marketing content. The system is more expensive when compared to other alternatives but still, you can get a trial service of 14 days. After this, the estimated pricing ranges to $450 per month.

If you are running any business and want to have a website for promoting your services and products without little to no technical knowledge then this system is the one for you. The Magnolia is specially targeted for companies who need a website for mostly everything from e-commerce, analytics, automation, social media to ERP and CRM. The system also comes with a tight security architecture to separate the public and private elements of your website in order to combat any attacks.

The system is yet an another popular CMS platform which also supports podcast marketing. It is not an open source and needs properly integrated website builder with hosting service. The platform allows you to build the website from scratch if you do not possess any past experience in web development and you can install various themes by adding text, images, and videos. The package pricing differs how you want to make it useful in order to manage your online store.

Personal — $12/month

Business — $18/month

Commerce — $26/month

The platform lets you set up a simple website within a matter of minutes by making use of drag and drop format. This feature allows you to add anything you want and even wash out everything you need to. Weebly is similar to WordPress but yet not an open source platform. It comes with a different range of price as per how you want to use it.

Weebly Starter — $8/month

Weebly Pro — $12/month

Weebly Business — $25/month

Wix is the only cloud-based web development platform that lets you create HTML5 and mobile-optimized websites. It also consists of a drag and drop system where you can add more functionality by installing plugins. The system caters for elements like email marketing, e-commerce, contact forms, and community forums as it is way more normal for your CMS platforms to remove adverts and instead use your domain name for increasing bandwidth. Last year, it had also released Wix Turbo for increasing the speed and performance of websites. The platform comes with various price plans to choose from.

Wix Connect Domain — $5/month

Wix Combo — $11/month

Wix Unlimited — $14/month

Summing up!

Here we have presented some of the most trusted CMS you can opt for your business. Hope, you find this post useful that has got enough inferences and insight to which is the best for the website development project. Keep Learning!

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