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Foojay Podcast #10: JUG World Tour: Dubai JUG

Last month we introduced a new topic in this podcast when we visited the Manchester Java User group. That JUG has already existed for nearly 10 years, so they had a lot of history to share.

However, in this episode, we talk to the organizers of the Dubai JUG that started in May of 2022. Let’s learn what the challenges are for a new JUG, how the culture of Dubai and Hawaii are alike, possible upcoming conferences, and much more…


Podcast host


  • 00'00 Intro and music
  • 00'10 About the topic of this podcast
  • 00'35 Introduction of Jad and Frank
  • 01'46 About the start of the JUG
  • 03'20 About the developer community
  • 04'23 The challenge of finding local speakers and attendees
  • 07'40 About the first JUG sessions
  • 08'50 The mix of Java experience
  • 10'10 Education, universities, and courses
  • 11'18 Plans for the next JUGs
  • 14'40 Support by companies
  • 16'48 Side activities
  • 18'38 Support of Azul to start the JUG
  • 20'09 Chris joins the call, introduction
  • 21'04 Comparing Dubai and Hawai and
  • 32'44 Working on VoxxedDays Dubai
  • 35'41 How to get in contact
  • 36'43 Conclusion

Originally published at on January 3, 2023.



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