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Foojay Podcast #15: Japan JUG

Last month we were in the US, and this time we travel to the other side of the world as we spoke with the organizers of the Japan JUG!





  • 00'00 Intro and music
  • 00'13 About the topic of this podcast
  • 00'58 Introduction of the guests and host
  • 02'46 The start of JJUG and Jajavo
  • 05'21 Personal reasons to organise a JUG
  • 08'14 How many events are organised
  • 09'08 Which speakers come to the events
  • 09'57 Impact of Covid
  • 12'59 The number and mix of attendees at Japanese events
  • 14'26 Trends in popular topics
  • 16'27 Plans for the future
    - JOnsen:
  • 19'17 Questions for the listeners
  • 20'56 Outro

Originally published at on March 6, 2023.



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