Foojay Podcast #21: Brazil SouJava and How to Grow your Developer Career

Frank Delporte
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1 min readMay 1

Once a month, the Foojay Podcast virtually visits a JUG to talk with the people behind it.

SouJava, the Brazil JUG, was founded in 1999, and according to Wikipedia, is recognized as the world’s largest Java User Group with 40,000 members.

There’s a lot we can learn from the people who have achieved this!


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  • 00'00 Intro
  • 00'26 Introduction of the guests
  • 02'39 History of Java and SouJava
  • 08'03 About working on open source projects and the relationship with JUGs
  • 12'55 How Max became part of the JUG organizers and how to incrementally improve your skills
  • 23'38 Impact of Covid and the advantage of in-person meetings
  • 28'20 The best ways to grow as a developer, the spiral of growth
  • 51'29 Trying to get back to the “new normal” with the JUGs
  • 01h01'12 Conclusions

Originally published at on May 1, 2023.

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