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Is Grokking Algorithms Worth It? — Book Review

Review of popular Grokking Algorithms books, yes, it's worth reading, the easiest book to learn Algorithms

Is Grokking Algorithms Worth It? — Book Review
Grokking Algorithms

It explains things in very easy language and most importantly with a context, which helps to understand the topic better.

For example, when Aditya talked about array and linked list in the Grokking Algorithms, his examples of how a group of friends going for a movie struggles to find seats that are next to each other illustrate the problem faced by the array because of contiguous memory requirement.

best algorithms books for beginners
best books to learn Algorithms

What I liked in Grokking Algorithms?

Well, to be honest, I like the whole book, from Introduction to end. This is also one of the few books which I have read from start to end in the last few years, the other two beings, Elegant Objects by Yegor Bugayenko and Clean Architecture by Uncle Bob Martin.

best books to learn Algorithms in Python

What would have made this book even better?

As contrary to many of you thinking, the book is surely not a replacement of classic titles such as Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen because it’s not comprehensive and doesn’t cover most of the data structure like Tree or Trie, etc.

Even if you don’t code daily you can still understand how a particular algorithm works and how to choose a particular data structure to solve a problem.

Its chapters on the array and the linked list are one of the best I have ever read and I strongly recommend all programs, particularly those who have just started their career to read that. It’s also not costly and worth every penny spent.

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