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How to get Published on Javarevisited

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Hello guys, if you love to write about Java and other related technologies like Spring, Hibernate, Algorithms, Data Structure, Design pattern and about your Interview experience, we would be happy to publish your article here.

Just drop a note on to get you started.

You can also contact me on Twitter or Medium itself, my id is javinpaul

One of my goals is to encourage Java developers to write about things they know because writing makes you a better developer. It also helps you to do research and fill the gaps in your knowledge.

It also helps in your learning and that’s why I am encouraging a lot of junior and senior Java developers to write about their experiences.

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How to get Published on Javarevisited


Here is a list of some of the topics I loved most, but you feel free to share whatever you like:

  1. Java
  2. Programming
  3. Coding
  4. Design Patterns
  5. Algorithms
  6. Data Structure
  7. Book Reviews
  8. Course Reviews
  9. Resources
  10. Programmer life
  11. Interview Questions
  12. Personal Stories of Programmers
  13. Debugging
  14. Git
  15. Maven
  16. Gradle
  17. Spring Framework
  18. Hibernate
  19. Spring Boot
  20. Cloud
  21. Spring Cloud
  22. Blockchain
  23. Machine Learning
  24. Data Science
  25. Java 8
  26. Functional Programming
  27. Best Practices
  28. Eclipse
  29. InteliJIDEA
  30. Tools
  31. Log4j and other logging libraries
  32. Mockito and other unit testing libraries
  33. SQL
  34. Linux
  35. Testing

So what are you waiting for, get ready to share your thoughts with many Java developers around the world?

All the best.

You can also comment on this article if you like to be added as Writer in Javarevisited and contribute your story.

As the publication is growing, I am also looking for people who can help with editing and reviewing stories. If you want to become an editor, comment here or drop me an email.


Once you are added as a writer, here are some tips you can follow to get the most out of this publication and Medium itself

  1. For new stories, always submit Draft to publication, this way all the Publication subscriber will see your post and Medium also promotes fresh stories.
  2. First 10 claps are most important and that’s why submitting a draft to publication is important.
  3. You can also submit old stories and once again all Javarevisited subscriber will see it, which means you will get more page views.
  4. I also tweet and share about all the stories published here from my Twitter account and Javarevisited twitter account, follow them so that you can know when your stories are published and you can then retweet them to create buzz.
    This will give your story initial boost,
  5. Great stories are also shared on the Javarevisited Facebook page which has more than 40,000 followers. I also suggest you do the same, just tag @javareivisited whenever you do so that we know about it and can reshare it.
  6. They will also be shared on Javarevisited LinkedIn Page and Javarevisited’s Flipboard page, If you are on LinkedIn and Flipboard then follow those pages to get a notification when your stories are shared and then reshare from your persona account to amplify.
  7. Always use a great feature image at the top of the article.
  8. Always use 5 tags, 2 more specific and 3 broads like Programming, Web Development, Coding, etc.
  9. If you know any tip which has helped you in medium feel free to share and I can add it here so that we all can benefit from it.
  10. Share your stories to Reddit, HackerNew, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to get more exposure.
  11. Engage with other users in community, read their story, comment on them, make friends, clap for stories you like, all these adds up and when you publish your story, you will receive similar feedback.

It takes a lot of effort to publish in Medium and our goal is that you should get as many views and readers as possible. All great stories should get the attention they deserve.

All the best and Welcome to Javarevisited!!.



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