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How I applied for the Amazon

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Before explaining the interview process I would like to tell you how I applied for the role of frontend Engineer at Amazon. I applied via LinkedIn every weekend on the job profiles which were a perfect match to my profile

I never thought that I will receive an interview call from amazon as it was always mentioned that referrals work way better than directly applying to amazon. But yea it worked and after one month I received a mail from amazon for the interview.

Below is the youtube video Link for my Interview Experience

Youtube video for interview experience by Mehul Kothari


The very first round was a coding round on hackerank with 2 questions. One question was easy and the other question was a bit tough. I was able to complete one question and was able to run partial test cases for the other question. If you are curious where to find the coding questions for amazon I will provide one link which covers the most frequently asked questions of amazon.

Thereafter a few days, I received a mail from amazon asking for my available schedule for the interview. So I was so curious where to find the questions related to Amazon for frontend. So if you are one of those like me you can start from DataStructures and Time Complexity the one and most important topic

Most Important Topics to cover

  • Data Structures
  • Stack Queue Implementations
  • Linked List with implementation and its types
  • Tree, Binary Search Tree, AVL Tree
  • Graphs and implementation
  • Time and Space complexity is the most important one.
  • Sorting Algorithm like merge sort, Bubble sort with their complexity
  • Behavioral and Scenario Based question on Amazon Leadership principle

Round -2

Round 2 was a telephonic round that was taken with the help of the Amazon Chime App where you will be asked to turn your webcam on. So if you are expecting any technical questions then chances are very less. In my case, I was not even asked “Tell me about yourself”. The interview was very straightforward. I was asked about three scenario-based question

  1. Tell me a time where you were having fewer requirements but you had to start working on it and deliver it.
  2. Tell me a time when what you delivered was not up to the mark and how you tackled it.
  3. Tell me a time where you had to go and work on the requirements immediately without the approval of the team members and it broke some other part of the project.

After these three questions, we jumped to the coding question where he gave me some string-related questions to print the sequence of non-repeating characters in the string.

After I wrote my code I was asked to explain the time complexity and space complexity of the code. Thereafter I was asked to improve the code so that it takes less time complexity than what I wrote earlier.

After I wrote code and answering few questions on why I took the following approach to solve my question I was given another program which I was not able to do.

So the interviewer gave me few hints on how should I proceed and I wrote the code. After that, he modified his test case and asked me to use the same approach with minor changes to achieve those test cases. He gave me few hints but I was not able to do it. After that, he explained to me how we can do the changes and what all changes we could do.

After few hours of my interview, I received a mail that said that Amazon is not proceeding further with me. In all I will it was my first ever experience with any product-based company. All the search is for talent and logic building instead of technology-expert. Below is the link for the most frequently coding question asked by amazon.

Youtube video for interview experience by Mehul Kothari

If you have any questions reach out below. Or if you are looking for a job change in a good tech company for Ahmedabad, Pune, Banglore location, you can reach me out at Linkedin. I will love to help you



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