Is Grokking System Design Fundamentals on Worth It? Review

Yes, its 100% worth it for programmers who want to master essential System design concepts like scalability, caching, sharding, replication, load balancer, API gateway and more.



Is Grokking System Design Fundamentals on Worth It?
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In today’s fast changing and complex tech landscape, mastering system design is a crucial skill for any software engineer aiming to build scalable and high-performance systems. But with numerous courses available, it’s hard to find the course which is worth of your time and money.

Grokking System Design Fundamentals on claims to be the ultimate guide to mastering system design. Let’s dissect whether it lives up to its promise.

If you are looking for a beginner level System design course to learn essential System design concepts or want to join “Grokking System Design Fundamentals” but not sure then you have come to the right place.

Earlier, I have shared best System design courses, books, websites, and interview questions and in this article, I am going to review “Grokking System Design Fundamentals course from

While is not new for me, I have taken multiple courses there on System design and Coding interview preparation, most notably their popular “Grokking the System Design” and “Grokking the Advanced System Design” and I became a big fan of their attention of details.

I have attended multiple courses on System design, both video and text based courses but the details I found on DesignGuru’s courses were unparalleled. That’s why I loved their courses.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I found this course a bit later, after going through their other system design courses. In hindsight, this should have been the first course one should attend on System design topic.

If you have already started your preparations then also you will benefit but if you are just starting then this is the perfect course to start with. Now that we know that this course has a lot of things to offer, let’s deep dive and find out whether its worth it or not.

And, if you have already made your mind, then go join this course and you will thank me later once you have mastered System design topic well.

Is Grokking System Design Fundamentals Worth it?

In order to find the course’s worth, we need to first see what is needed to crack the System design interview and what does this course covers.

System design interviews are notoriously unstructured, making it challenging to cover all essential elements during the discussion.

To truly excel in system design, it’s essential to grasp key concepts like Load Balancing, Caching, Partitioning, Replication, Databases, and Proxies.

This course addresses this issue by providing guidance on how to approach any system design interview question systematically. It ensures that you don’t overlook any crucial aspects, allowing you to navigate interviews with ease and competence

It also breaks down these complex ideas into manageable chunks, empowering you to tackle system design problems with confidence.

From understanding API Gateways to mastering Load Balancing techniques and appreciating the role of Caching in distributed systems, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of these critical concepts.

Here is a list of all the system design topics covered in this course:

By the course’s end, you’ll be well-equipped to apply these principles effectively in your next interview.

Instructor Expertise

Led by industry experts with years of experience in designing large-scale systems, Grokking System Design Fundamentals offers unparalleled insights into the complexities of system architecture.

The instructors Arslan Ahmad brings a wealth of real-world knowledge to the table from his experience on working with Microsoft, and Facebook and also going through the same path, making the learning experience both informative and engaging.

Course Structure and Content Quality

The course boasts a meticulously crafted curriculum that covers a wide array of essential topics, including caching mechanisms, load balancing strategies, data partitioning techniques, and more.

Each concept is explained with clarity, supplemented by real-world examples and practical exercises that reinforce understanding. The quality of content is top-notch, ensuring that learners grasp fundamental principles while gaining hands-on experience in system design.

Here are some diagrams explaning keys system design concepts which says volumes about how good this course in explaining complex system design concepts:

How load balancer works
How Load Balancer is used?
Difference beteen API Gaeway and Load Balancer
How Messge Queue works
How Pub Sub Messaging System works.

People Review

Testimonials from past learners speak volumes about the efficacy of Grokking System Design Fundamentals. Many people have credited the course for empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to ace system design interviews and excel in their careers.

Their success stories serve as a testament to the course’s effectiveness in delivering tangible results.


In conclusion, Grokking System Design Fundamentals on emerges as a standout resource for anyone looking to master the intricacies of system design. It’s 100% worth it for anyone who want to learn essential System Design topics and Concepts.

With expert instructors, comprehensive content, and rave reviews from learners, this course offers immense value for both seasoned professionals and aspiring engineers.

Investing in Grokking System Design Fundamentals is not just a right decision — it’s a pathway to unlocking your potential and propelling your career to new heights in the dynamic world of software engineering.

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