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Is Grokking the Coding Interview Pattern in Java on Educative worth It?

If you want to learn essential coding patterns which can be used to solve 100s of LeetCode and HackerRank problems then this course is definitely worth it.

Grokking The Coding Interview Pattern in Java, Python, Course Review

As someone who has been regularly using this platform for the last couple of years, I can safely say that this is a very valuable resource, especially for software engineers and data scientists. Using Educative, you will be able to increase your programming and coding skills. You will become more effective in your current job.

What Languages Does This Course Support?

You can think of the interactive platform in Grokking as basically coding playgrounds where you can try out Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript straight inside your browser.

What Sets This Course Apart?

But arguable the greatest advantage that Grokking The Coding Interview has on other competitors like Leetcode and HackerRank is the fact that in Grokking The Coding Interview, you get access to clear and concise strategy along with the 16 coding interview patterns.

16 Essential Coding Patterns Every Programmer Should Learn

As I said above, you will also get access to almost 16 amazing patterns that will teach you everything you need to know.

Who Should Take This Course?

All of this essentially means that this course is perfect for those who are looking to land a dream job at a major software company. But a word of warning. Do not take this course if you are really new to coding. You will soon get overwhelmed.


The course creators say that you can complete Grokking The Coding Interview in as little as 50 hours. Coming to the pricing, there are different options available for you. You can also join this course individually or you can take an Educative subscription which gives you access of all of Educative text-based interactive courses for $14.9 per month.


In conclusion, I will say that Grokking The Coding Interview is a practical and challenging course where you will learn many essential coding patterns which can be used to solve 100s of coding problems, even those which you have not seen so far. It is a perfect option for aspiring software engineers.



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