Review -Is The Complete Python Course | Learn Python by Doing in 2023 by Teclado Worth it?

My review of Telcado’s Complete Python Course on Udemy

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Hello guys, if you want to learn Python programming language and looking for best resources then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared best Python courses, certifications, books, tutorials, projects and even a complete Python RoadMap and in this article, I am going to review an awesome Python course on Udemy, the Complete Python course by Telcado.

If you want to join this course but not sure or wondering this course is good to learn Python then keep reading but before that, let’s talk about the Python programming language itself.

Python programming language has almost dominated every industry in information technology from small tasks like automating the browser to making the back-end of large companies’ websites and analyzing a large amount of data.

It is easy to learn and understand but there are a lot of courses online to teach you this language and you may get confused about which one is good I’ve found a nice one on udemy called The Complete Python Course that will help you get the overview of this language so you can decide if this is the right choice or move to another programming language.

Is the Complete Python Course | Learn Python by Doing in 2023 Worth it

Now, let’s evaluate the course based upon instructor and course structure, content and curriculum:

1. The Instructor Review

This course is taught by Jose Salvatierra who has been teaching for over seven years and is the founder of Teclado which helps people learn software development he has a good reputation among udemy students.

The second one is Rob Percival who studied mathematics at the Cambridge university and is a web developer who teaches more than 2 million students on the udemy platform and has also a good reputation.

2. The Course Review

Now let’s see what is covered in this course and whether content and curriculum is well structured or not.

2.1. Python Fundamentals

Since the course is for people who are beginners in the python language then you will start with the fundamentals of this langue such as variables, printing statements, numbers, string formatting, learning boolean, comparisons, storing many values in one variable like lists, tuples, sets, and dictionaries.

You will also learn conditional statements used to handle conditions in your program and widely used in python like if, else, and elif, and you will learn loop statements such as for, and while along with the beak and continue statements.

Later, learn about working with lists such as list slicing and list comprehension. Finally, learn to use the functions to make your code smaller and easier to understand.

2.2. Intermediate Level In Python

After learning the fundamentals of python you will go to explore object-oriented programming which is a method for structuring the program which includes classes, magic methods, inheritance, and more.

Later, you will learn to deal with errors like error handling and debugging your code in PyCharm IDE.

Using python for working with files is very important and can be used in some situations like when you try to fetch data from the internet you need to store them locally and the best way is to store them inside the file.

This course is focusing on working with files with python like modifying the text inside the file, changing it, removing lines, and working with JSON files.

2.3. Advanced Level In Python

Databases are the place where you store data for easy access, manage them, and update them. The nice thing is python has already some libraries to deal with local databases and also to connect to databases online and this course will teach you to use the SQLite database and create tables inside the database and run SQL commands on this database.

There are in python 68 built-in functions that are used to make your work much easier and every function can perform a specific task. You will learn some of these pre-built functions filter, working with dates and times in python, the regular expression, timezones, and more.

2.4. Working With The Web

Luckily, the python language support works with the web and has e many libraries to interact with it such as web scraping which is getting data from a certain website you will learn this and how to use the BeautifulSoup library for web scraping.

You will learn also browser automation which will help you to automate the behavior of different kinds of browsers also will learn the basics of Flask framework which is used to build the back-end of the website.

2.5. Miscellaneous

Finally, you will learn some other things that python is good at and one of them is making GUI apps using a library called Tkinter which will be a cross-platform app that works on mac, windows, and Linux. You will learn about how algorithms work in general and the data structure.

You will discover some python libraries such as Pylint which is used for code analysis and using yapf which is formatted for python files and learn to send emails with smtplib and other libraries for sending emails.


That’s all in this review of Udemy’s popular Python course, The Complete Python course, Learn Python by doing in 2023. It’s a nice course to learn about Python programming language and how to use Python for web development, GUI development and web scraping.

Python becomes so popular in different many fields so it will be a good thing to start learning this language this course will take you from being a beginner to an intermediate level and understand how the language is working but you need to pick up an industry like data science and spend your time deep diving in it.

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