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JavaFX Links of December

If anyone needs a reminder Java and JavaFX are “alive and kicking”, you can not only check out, but also the list below.

Although I’m trying to get of Twitter — for my own mental health 🙂 — I’m still being flooded with amazing content.

Here is the result of the #LinksOfTheWeek that were published on in December!


Various News

Learning JavaFX

Donald Raab shared a series of posts:


JavaFX Job

New content on

  • “QFive”: an e-learning platform for enterprise customers, running on desktop, browser and mobile.
  • “NERstar”: a cross-platform media application, used to create subtitles for live television, running on desktop and browser.
  • “ModellusX”: enables students and teachers to use mathematics to create or explore models interactively. The latest release dates from 2012, but you can still find a lot of videos created with it on YouTube.
  • Over 40 “real world apps” is now listed on the website!

New Releases

Originally published at on December 27, 2022.



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