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JavaFX Links of February 2023

February is a short month, but this list seems longer than ever…

A lot of game and 3D development, releases, interesting ongoing development, and so much more to read. Enjoy reading and clicking!

This summarizes the Links Of The Week as published on during February.

JavaFX/OpenJFX Core

Scene Builder

UI Development

JavaFX Libraries

JavaFX Applications

Game Development




  • Not directly JavaFX related, but nice to know… Heinz Kabutz shared graphs showing that a lot of the work in recent Java versions was to stabilize and improve the platform, rather than just adding hundreds of new classes. The number of lines of code might even decrease in the future.
  • The research team of Almas Baim completed basic initialization and setup steps for UI and robot interaction. The hype is real at the Robotics AI Lab.


New Releases

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Originally published at on February 28, 2023.



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