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2023 has taken of with a flying start in JavaFX-world!

Here is a summary of the Links Of The Week that were published in January on

JavaFX Versions


  • This was already mentioned the last time, but maybe you missed this… On, we published the podcast “The State of JavaFX Framework, Libraries, and Projects”. Pedro Duque Vieira, Sean Phillips, Johan Vos, Gail Anderson, Dirk Lemmermann, and Frank Delporte spoke about the JavaFX framework itself, but also about the libraries and applications that are built with it.


JavaFX Applications

  • Zoran Sevarac shared a screenshot of a Neural network visual Weights Analysis tool under development for the next DeepNetts release. It helps understanding what’s going on inside layers, and debugging trained networks.
  • Mohammed Saied demonstrates a JavaFX GUI to control a car (via YouTube Shorts).
  • Heiko Rupp is making progress with a Java/JavaFX Mastodon application.
  • LeeWyatt tweeted a short video introduction on how to use beta 2 of FXTools.
  • Hilmi made a hospital queue app for his final homework on Data Structures Practicum. Video and link to the sources.
  • Neba Desmond shared a video of a nice sidebar navigation.
  • Patrik Karlström is making progress moving Yaya from Swing to JavaFX using WorkbenchFX as the base for the UI.
  • Sundar Krishnamachari shared a small project that creates a UI client for communication over MQ Telemetry Transport or MQTT, a messaging protocol popular in IOT devices.
  • JavaFX3D found a nice Car Rental System with a JavaFX user interface. Code with screenshots and videos is available on GitHub.

JavaFX Development

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New releases

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