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JavaFX Links Of October

When I (re)started the JavaFX Links Of The Week on in September, I was wondering if there would be enough material to share every week.

But that was a stupid mistake as you can see below in the summary of what happened in October… 🙂

JavaFX 19 and 20

  • JavaFX 19 just got released a few weeks ago, but Johan Vos is already looking forward to the next one: a really-worth-mentioning improvement that will be in JavaFX 20 is the update to MarlinFX by Laurent Bourgès. Thank you very much Laurent for your contributions. They are an important part to the success of JavaFX. See JDK-8287604.
    Laurent is even sharing his TODO list on GitHub in case you are curious about what he is working on…
  • Want to test JavaFX 20 Early Access? It’s already available on the Gluon website!
  • Up till now, each of the newer JavaFX versions could run with a lower JDK, e.g. JavaFX 17 works with JDK 11. But this will change as was mentioned on the mailinglist: “JavaFX 20 requires JDK 17 or later.”
  • Dirk Lemmermann shared a screenshot in a tweet of the pull requests in the openjdk/jfx project: “Wow, 47 pull requests “ready for review” in #OpenJFX. Looks like we have a traffic jam. Some several years old. Some ending with last comment “can you review this?” 🙂 Hope Oracle really does increase their #javafx team member count.”
  • At JavaOne on October 20th, some JavaFX related announcements were made:
    - A tweet by James Weaver: “Great #JavaFX announcements from @kevinrushforth after being introduced by @mono_quito89 at #JavaOne, while bandmate and @Java legend @BrianVerm mixes drinks. Friend and colleague @johanvos at @GluonHQ highlighted in the process.”
    - And a LinkedIn message by Bernard Traversat: “We announced today we will be producing JavaFX build for JDK 20! Providing a modern UI toolkit for the Java platform will continue to make Java the most compelling platform for educators to teach programming and for UI innovators to explore new rich application UI designs.”
    - So the latest JavaFX will not only be available on the Gluon website, but also on
    - Curious what the impact of this announcement will be and what we can share here next week…


Devoxx Belgium

Various news from “The Web”

New content on

  • Real World App: JabRef is an open-source, cross-platform citation and reference management tool, see
  • Tool: “Conveyor” by Hydraulic, is an alternative/replacement for the jpackage tool but with support for (background) updates, signing, notarisation.
  • Another library by Pedro Duque Vieira: FXParallax. This framework adds controls to add Parallax effects to JavaFX application, this effect can add a sense of depth (3D like) to where it’s used.
  • Coming soon… Florian Kirmaier is pimping the jfx-central website to make it much faster very soon. Due to the architecture of, scrolling in a ScrollPane requires server calls (as the JavaFX app lives on the server). A custom skin, should bring a solution…
  • People: the work of Jan Gassen is listed on this page.
  • Library: NSMenuFX, by Jan Gassen, a simple library to customize the macOS menu bar to give your JavaFX app a more native look and feel.
  • Tips: Flags for JavaFX applications to either add debug logs or switch configuration.
  • Blogs: by Abhinay Agarwal about things good to know about JavaFX.

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