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Network Stats — The network explorer for the XDC blockchain

The soon-to-be-released Network Stats decentralized application, on the XDC Network, will bring added visibility to the XDC ecosystem and provide a template for other projects in the blockchain industry to present essential network data in a more user-friendly way.

Network Stats crawls the XDC Network, then stores and provides access to valuable information about nodes on the network. Live and historic network data will include geolocation, performance data such as average transaction rate and network uptime, and a list of nodes created on-chain, among other data. This will be a valuable tool for XDC Network users and showcase the innovative technology solutions developing on the XDC Network.

Why do we need a tool to watch nodes?

Crawlers are conventionally known in the web2 paradigm as programs that visit websites, read the content, and create entries for a search engine index. Similarly, a blockchain network crawler queries nodes on that network, collects high-level data about them in aggregate, and returns them to be used in some way.

In order to collect and assemble this data, the Network Stats crawls the XDC network with a node discovery protocol. The collected data is presented through the node explorer user interface. Through this public access, we invite others to use this data to build their own applications and alternative methods for network visualization.

What kind of data is served through Network Stats?

The current iteration of Network Stats provides metrics in the following three categories:

1. Node Statistics

Active Nodes
The number of nodes currently active on-chain.

The geolocation of active nodes precisely locating the country.

Node History
A graph presenting the number of nodes created in the last seven days.

2. Speed Information

Best Block
The total number of blocks created on the network.

Last Block
The time when the last block was created.

Average Block Time
The average time required to create a block.

3. Network Efficiency

Gas Price
The current gas price on the XDC Network.

Average Transaction Rate
The average time required to execute a transaction.

Total up and running time of the XDC network.

With the launch of Network Stats, the XDC Network offers a major contribution to the global blockchain space. This technology will help users better understand the growing XDC Network and will provide developers, researchers, security developers, node operators, and media reporters with many insights through graphs and stats.



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