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SFTP To Go Add-On By Crazy Ant Labs On Heroku

SFTP To Go Dashboard

What is SFTP To Go?

Setting up your Environment

Adding SFTP To Go using Heroku UI

  1. Go to the Heroku Dashboard and select any one of the existing projects, if there is no existing project, create one
Heroku Dashboard
Heroku Overview Dashboard- Image by author
Heroku Resources Dashboard- Image by author
Heroku add-ons Datastores- Image by author
SFTP To Go add-on- Image by author
SFTP To Go Order Form- Image by author
SFTP To Go Dashboard- Image by author

Adding SFTP To Go using Heroku CLI

  1. Login to your Heroku account using the command and enter the credentials such as email and the password on the terminal
heroku login -i
heroku addons:create sftptogo:bronze -a APP_NAME
SFTP To Go Dashboard- Image by author
Different add-ons in the Dashboard- Image by the author

Verify the Access

sftp *****************
sftp> ls
sftp> mkdir storageFile
Command to access the Repository- Image by author
heroku config:get SFTPTOGO_URL -a APP_NAME

Application Features

npm install ssh2-sftp-client
let Client = require('ssh2-sftp-client');
let sftp = new Client();

host: '*********',
port: '22',
username: 'swapnilkant11',
password: '******'
}).then(() => {
return sftp.list('/');
}).then(data => {
console.log(data, 'the data info');
}).catch(err => {
console.log(err, 'catch error');

Adding Credentials to the SFTP To Go dashboard

Adding credentials to SFTP To Go- Image by author

What are Webhooks?

Webhook in SFTP To Go dashboard- Image by author

Why do we need this?

  • One-Click Setup: It provides seamless and quick access to our SFTP server, our secure SFTP server is just a few clicks away also providing us with one-click password rotation
  • Amazon S3 Access: This allows us to access our files using Amazon S3 service APIs which means that we can access the same files using a different, more modern interface
  • Run At Scale: Built on top of the Amazon cloud platform can scale as traffic and file sizes increase and also, allows us to cap our storage and bandwidth quotas at fixed monthly costs and scales it up after discussion with the user
  • Webhooks: Comes up with a webhook that automatically notifies us when there is any change in the file involving updation and deletion
  • Network Inbound Rules: Defines a set of IP addresses that are safe to have access to our server

Security at SFTP To Go

  • Data Security: For data encryption, SFTP To Go uses SSL/TLS encryption on all their websites and microservices, and also the platform never uses our data to content or derive information from it for marketing or advertising and regular verification of security certificates and encryption algorithms is carried out to keep our data safe.
  • Network Security: By default, all access is denied, and only explicitly allowed ports and protocols are allowed based on business requirements.
  • System Security: The principle of least privilege is followed both internally by restricting their staff’s access to the minimum permissions needed to perform the work, as well as externally by asking the user for the minimum permissions required by their service when accessing 3rd party systems on the user’s behalf.


  1. Comes up with easy and fast setup features
  2. Can be accessed from anywhere by adding the IP address which uses the SFTP server
  3. Webhooks provides easy and fast notification features including simple to set up and manage
  4. Comes up with extensive security features including password rotation, IP filtering, SSH keys, multiple credentials for fine-grained access control.


  • free tier available: allow developers to start small projects at no cost
  • file update notifications: allow webhooks to notify when an existing file has been modified



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