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Top 6 Web Developer Portfolio Templates to Step Out of the Comfort Zone

Every web developer portfolio allows telling people who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch with you. However, it is bigger than this. It is your chance to show your specialized skills and show personal projects. You can highlight your awards and get more recognition.

If one has the right online-presentation, making their dreams come true is easier. Today, we want to share a few incredible choices that are worth your attention. Let us get familiar with them and the tasks they allow achieving.


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Grit is an elegant web developer portfolio that allows standing out from the crowd. It is going to showcase your digital work in the best possible light. In addition to this, you have the freedom to create a resume or CV using it.

What to Look for in the Grit Template?

1. An easy-to-use customization process. You can change the necessary elements and make them express your ideas.

2. A fully-responsive design. People can view your portfolio no matter what device they use.

3. Multi-functional blog functionality. It is possible to share some design-related pieces of advice here.

4. A contact form. Thanks to it, everyone has a chance to get in touch with you.

Do not forget to check out these portfolio design examples to get some UX design portfolio inspiration:

UX Design Portfolio Inspiration


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Explore this minimalist web developer portfolio to bring a focus to your creative work. It takes nothing to get everyone focused on your achievements and projects. It uses all the modern technologies, including Bootstrap.

What to Look for in the Miun Template?

1. It has an animated layout. Together with it, you are free to provide your visitors with interactive user experience.

2. Without a doubt, it is possible to personalize your website. Take advantage of multiple options to turn your web developing services into a brand.

3. You can add social media integration. In this case, spreading the word about your activity should be more comfortable.

4. Sharing your contacts is possible, thanks to a relevant page. Here, people can also answer their questions by filling a contact form out.


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Another marvelous template that allows promoting your web developer portfolio and agency. It enables you to grow the audience and make your services globally recognized. Its package includes multiple tools that you will find useful.

What to Look for in the FolioRocks Template?

1. You can select from four homepage layouts. Each of them makes it possible to present your services uniquely.

2. It includes a wide range of pre-designed pages. As an example, you have a chance to share your pricing, team, and testimonials.

3. You can take advantage of social media integration. People will have access to your profiles and make your business more accessible.

4. Do not forget about blog functionality. It should encourage your potential clients to take action.

By the way, it might be a little bit hard to save your audience during the quarantine. For this reason, make sure to find out how to stop losing projects during the lockdown:

Stop Losing Projects During LockDown

Willy Wonka

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Get familiar with this remarkable web developer portfolio website template. To be honest, it is a universal option. Thanks to it, you are also free to speak about your startup business or freelance services. We should look through its basic functionality to find out whether it is suitable for you.

What to Look for in the Willy Wonka Template?

1. An original design with black colors. It is no doubt that many people are going to find it visually attractive and impressive.

2. Fully-functional social integration. You are free to add links to your profiles and engage your core audience.

3. A contact form. If one wants to ask you a few questions, he or she can take advantage of the contact form.

4. Blog functionality. To share your updates and latest news, it is possible to write many posts about them. To know more about this topic, you can check the blogging journey of Himani Bansal.


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This super-beautiful web developer portfolio template allows arousing more interest in your services. Without a doubt, it has all the necessary tools. We want you to look through with them and their benefits.

What to Look for in the Natania template?

1. First of all, it has three demos to choose from. Each of them offers an eye-catching look. Furthermore, you can always turn to several blog page layouts.

2. To get more trust in your services, you can add a well-structured page with their pricing. It also has testimonials to share the opinions of your clients.

3. A contact form enables getting in touch with you and getting the necessary details.

4. Thanks to social integration, you can include all the links to your profiles in the widely-recognized networks.

There is no reason to stop making money with your portfolio these days. Learn how to find more clients during quarantine, together with these practical tips for freelancers:

How to find clients during quarantine?


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A flexible and highly-functional web developer portfolio template that might meet your needs. It has an extensive set of options that will impress your imagination.

1. To start with, you can select from 13 homepage styles. Each of them provides many internal pre-made pages to share all the details your soul wants.

2. Moreover, it is possible to work with several tools for an original look. These include three menus and four sliders. Do not forget about the availability of six portfolio types.

3. To engage the highest number of visitors, you can implement video and audio integration.

4. It is going to be more exciting to browse your website if you add several animation effects.

Do you want to have more choices to work with? In this case, you can also look through these ten Photoshop website templates for your design and photography services.

A Few Words in Conclusion

Together with these HTML5 portfolio templates, it might be easier to impress others. Thanks to them, you can explain why your services deserve their attention.

For this reason, try to choose something that suits your vision among these stunning options. Thanks for reading!



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