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How Much Does It Cost To Develop a React Native App?

Unlock The Factors Affecting React Native App Development Cost in 2021

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Here’s a Key highlight of the Content:

  • Overview of React Native and Its Background
  • How Much Does It Cost To Build An App With React Native?
  • React Native App Development Cost Calculator
  • Added Advantages of Choosing React Native For Your Business App
  • Conclusion: Key Takeaways

1. Overview of React Native and Its Background


2. How Much Does It Cost To Build A React Native App?

3. React Native App Development Cost Calculator

  • App Development Process
  • App Functionality and Complexity
  • Extra App Add-Ons
  • UI/UX of Design
  • Distribution of App
  • App Development Team: Inhouse or Outsourcing the App Developer
  • Team Size and Location of the App Developer
  • App Maintenance and Support

Factor 1: App Development Process

  • Discovery, Analysis, and Strategy Planning: This step is all evaluating the business app idea, competitive analysis, the goal of app development, deciding the target audience and creating the roadmap creation.
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  • Wireframing and Prototyping: This phase of the app development evolves around wireframing of the app that means creating the rough representation of the app screens with clickable elements to help to understand what exactly your app will look like. The wireframing can take up to 40 to 50 hours to define user flow and journeys creation, including lo-fi sketches and detailed visual presentations.
  • Design and Development of the App: Now this is the major part of the application where all the UI creation and implementation will be decided. Right from the frontend, backend to testing, it includes a major part of the development. And this phase of the app development takes up to 50–70 per cent of the total cost of the app development.
  • Final Testing, Launching and Post Launch Maintenance: Various experts believe that post app launch support serves — the most significant component in the costs structure of mobile solutions. And to keep your app running smoothly even after its launch, it is important to hire mobile app developer to further extend the functionality and make it ready to splurge.
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Factor 2: App Functionality and Complexity

  • Deployment Architecture Model: When it comes to backend development, usually app development companies have two broad choices — Custom or BaaS. In the custom option, clients get their own architecture while BaaS has to work around with readymade back-end architecture.
  • Third-Party Integration: To make your app user friendly, it is important to integrate third party plugins that enable your app to interact with other app’s functionality. Integration of third-party plugins in React Native App development is a bit complicated as compared to the Native App development process.
  • In-App Purchase: The more in-app purchase options you provide, the higher the complexity of the app is.
  • Admin Panel Development: The more feature-rich you choose your admin-panel to be, the more an app rises in complexity and logically affects the cost.
  • Integration With the Legacy System: The legacy integration of the app depends on the choice of app you are trying to build. Whether it will work independently without any integration or you want it to integrate with any of your enterprise system? The applicatical type by default falls under medium to high complexity scale.

Factor 3: Extra App Add-Ons

Factor 4: UX/UI Design of the App

Factor 5: Distribution of the App

Factor 6: App Development Team: Inhouse or Outsource the App Developer

Factor 7: Team Size and Location of App Development Team

Factor 8: App Maintenance and Support

4. How It Can Help You Save a Cost On Mobile App Development?

Conclusion: Key Takeaways



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