Top 3 RxJS operators overloads

If you’ve been using the RxJS library for some time, you must have stumbled across operators like: distinctUntilChanged, filter and first. But, have you ever used powerful, overloaded versions?

In this post I’ll cover the aforementioned operators’ overloads.


Widely known version 📕

Overloaded version 🌟

You can provide a compare function which determines whether a next notification from the source stream is identical to the previously emitted item.


Widely known version 📕

A next notification from the source stream will have an inferred type of string | number. You may expect that due to filtering only string values an attempt to access the length property will be a valid operation. However, you’re wrong, since the filter operator is not a type guard.

Overloaded version 🌟

It’s the type predicate (item is string) defined as a return type of the provided predicate function that makes the filter operator a type guard here. Consequently, item within the map operator’s project function will have a string type inferred. Detailed explanation can be found here.


Widely known version 📕

Overloaded version 🌟

If you’re interested in the first next notification satisfying a given predicate function, you can pass the function to the first operator. It’s a nice alternative to applying the filter operator followed by the first operator in a non-overloaded version or the take(1) operator.

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