10 Essential GitHub Repos For Software Developers

Amazing coding resources, free courses, interview preparation, programming best practices, and more

Sunil Sandhu
Aug 31 · 4 min read
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GitHub can also be a tool for learning and growth

Besides being a great tool for maintaining code, GitHub can also be a tool for learning and growth. As a Software Developer, I am always on the lookout for useful GitHub repos that I can learn and find inspiration from. Here are 10 of my favourite.

GitHub stars: 80.2k

This is a fantastic resource for anyone who is looking to build something and is after some guidance on exactly how to approach it. You can also just find lots of really interesting stuff by browsing through the list.

GitHub stars 79.8k

One of the differences between a Software Engineer and a Software Developer is that the Engineer is more likely to have a good grasp of algorithms and data structures. But whatever your background, this repo provides a thorough list of many different algorithms, data structures and answers to many typical questions you might expect to come across in a Software Engineering interview.

GitHub stars: 64.6k

Whether you’re a person looking to get into coding, or a self-taught developer who is already in the industry, the OSSU curriculum provides loads of free study for anyone who is looking to study Computer Science.

GitHub stars: 59.2k

Well over 100 snippets of code covering all sorts of things in JavaScript, from typical algorithms, to common tasks you might find yourself needing to do. Well worth a look!

GitHub stars: 46.1k

Ever wanted to learn how to build a proper app in a given language/technology? This is the repo for you! Going way beyond the typical “todo” app, RealWorld examples go ahead and flesh out an entire ‘Medium-style’ app, with all the bells, whistles, and best practices included!

GitHub stars: 158k

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Loads and loads of free programming books to help take your knowledge and understanding to the next level.

GitHub stars: 105k

Having the ability to design a large-scale system is highly valuable and something that many of the big tech companies will expect from you if you’re looking at any Senior Software Engineering (and higher) roles. It’s also a critical skill if you plan to build any large scale system for anything you’re working on. This guide provides loads of information that will help to prepare you.

GitHub stars: 86k

A curated list of lots of different libraries, frameworks, and technologies built in Python. An excellent guide for anyone looking to learn a new programming language or simply looking to level up their existing knowledge of Python.

GitHub stars 51.5k

I cannot get enough of best practice guides. So when I found this one, it felt like something I definitely had to include. One of the curses of being self-taught is that you don’t always begin with best practices. So having detailed guides such as this help to quickly level up your skillset.

GitHub stars: 46.2k

Similar to the curated Python list we saw earlier, this repo includes loads of valuable resources related to the field of Machine Learning.

I hope you found this useful and will learn something new from any of the 10 repos we have covered today. If there are any other great GitHub repos that you feel I should know about, leave a comment with your suggestion and I’ll be sure to check it out.

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