10 tips to be successful in Software Development

Ivan Cabral
Dec 4, 2019 · 5 min read

We all know that at the beginning of our programmer’s career we find difficulties due to lack of information or not knowing how to look for it and over time we are improving. Today I bring you 10 Tips to be able to improve radically at the time of programming, these tips were obtained in the course of more than 12 years of programmer experience and today I want to teach you

Keyboard Shortcuts

Making good use of the keyboard shortcuts to the program is a good practice to be able to complete and move in the code faster. Use at least the mouse go practicing and memorizing keyboard shortcuts

We all know the combination control/command + c and control/command + v but what’s beyond those two combinations?

In the following list, I will show you the most frequent ones based on the visual code text editor in my case I use MacOs but it is to give you an example

Command+Shift+F: Find in the folder
Command+Up Arrow: Go to top
Command+ Down Arrow: Go to down
Command+D: Add selection to next find match
Command+T: Go to file
Command+S: Save file
Option+Right Arrow: Focus next text
Option+Left Arrow: Focus previous text
Option+Up Arrow: Move line up
Option+Down Arrow: Move line down
Control+M: Go to bracket
Control+G: Go to line…
Control+Option+T: Toggle integrated Terminal

Then you can configure the shortcuts for Git on your own


A module is a portion of the program that contains certain functions. Using modules is considered a best practice in programming because we can reuse these modules already created in our new projects and not waste time creating those functions again.
These modules are imported from our base code for use

An example of modules would be the so-called Helpers.

Desktop screens

This is an advantage for people who can have two screens you can see the live result of what you are programming and not waste time changing application this would save a lot of time throughout a development

Linux essential commands

Memorizing Linux commands will help you move with great speed in the Linux operating system and be able to specify your backend work in a faster way

Here is a link to see the basic Linux commands

Link: https://www.redhat.com/sysadmin/basic-linux-commands


This very useful tool that serves for small tweaks when it comes to being in the terminal of a Linux server, this tool is essential when publishing a web application since if there is a simple error it can be corrected instantly

To be able to practice using this text editor in a faster way, I recommend that you practice in the link that I leave here below



GitHub is a project management and code version control system, it is the tool most used by developers that’s why I recommend you always save all your work to be able to have examples of applications to be able to reuse them and improve them, at the same time see projects similar to yours to be able to compare and have another perspective.

Link: http://github.com/

OS (Operating System)

Using Linux or macOS is a good option when developing since several servers have Linux operating systems. Another advantage is that it is much easier to install frameworks and applications to develop our software. In all of my year's development, I realized that I had many problems using Windows brought me errors of all kinds and that’s why today I program in macOS.


Meetups for programmers are programming groups that create free face-to-face meetings for people who have the same programming language in common

By going to Meetups you can meet people who like what you do, share knowledge, learn from those who know the most and they could even offer you new jobs.

Here is a link to see the Meetups that are close to you

Link: https://www.meetup.com/


Codepen is a web application to generate, share or test HTML content, in this website we can find a lot of information that will facilitate us when developing a web design that we do not know how to do, let’s always use these base codes and create our own.


Frameworks is a work environment that has a base structure for the development of an application, is constantly used in the development of applications since it gives us a great advantage in terms of security and speed of forming the skeleton of our application

This is the most important tip for my point of view we must choose a framework that we feel comfortable and study it from head to toe so we can improve when we know that we reach an “expert” level at that time we could go to another, the advice would be not to study halfway since it would not help us, we always have to stand out among those of more people.


Persevere and triumph

A phrase that I always keep in mind. The way of the programmer is long and sometimes overwhelming for so much information that we must obtain but if you never give up you will get very far!

Thank you very much for reading my story, if you like to give me “applause” to help me keep contributing!

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Learn the web's most important programming language.

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I‘m a daily coder FullStack developer with more than 10 years of experience, creator of gambling web sites, writer for JavaScript and Cryptocurrencies

JavaScript in Plain English

Learn the web's most important programming language.

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