19 Things That Software Developers Hate To See/Hear

Daily struggles of being a Software Developer

Daniel Anderson
Oct 19 · 5 min read
19 things that software developers hate to hear/see
19 things that software developers hate to hear/see
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1. Useless error messages

2. Badly named things

var d = 2;
var myInt = 12;
var message = "An error";

3. “We’ll write tests later”

4. When a job requires more experience than when the tech was created

5. “How long this is going to take?”

6. A non-technical person says “it’s just a small change”

7. “We’ll add error checking and proper error messages later.”

8. “Just one more thing”

9. Everything is a top priority

10. “It works on my machine”

11. Merge conflicts

12. Whitespace in the code

13. “We’ll clean that update later”

14. Broken builds

15. Everyone in the world thinking they are an expert on UI design.

16. Inconsistent code

17. “It needs to work in Internet Explorer”

18. “Should I assign that bug to you?”

19. Not being able to replicate a bug


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