The Top 6 JavaScript frameworks for 2020

Let’s see what the top JS frameworks are for 2020

Naina Chaturvedi
Mar 20 · 5 min read
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Vue.Js is an open-source framework. It has been built on the image of some of the main JS frameworks, such as — Angular and React. Vue.Js offers a miscellaneous collection of useful features. For years, Vue has been offering a simple yet effective solution for many SPA and cross-platform applications.

Top websites built using Vue.js :


No of visitors: 49.29M visitors


Behance is one of the widely used websites by Graphic designers to showcase their talents across the world. They have used Vue.JS is a front-end programming language.

No of visitors: 22.11M visitors


Gitlab is a web-based version controlling repository for the source code which has several membership options. The individual/organization can select one based on their requirement. It is developed using Vue on the front-end.

Where to get started? Start from here:

2. Aurelia

Aurelia is a front-end JavaScript framework. It is considered to be one of the cleanest frameworks of modern time that leads directly to ideal web standards. Aurelia considered itself a next-generation framework because of its capability to create powerful and flawless websites.


Some of its best features include:

1.Aurelia enables powerful reactive binding to any object. By using adaptive techniques Aurelia selects the most efficient way to observe each property in your model and automatically syncs your UI and your state with best-in-class performance.

2. Aurelia is an open-source framework. That means developers will get plenty of support from the Aurelia Community.

3. This framework is highly extensible. You can easily add or withdraw any other tools (JQuery, React), JS libraries with this framework.

4. It is a completely independent framework and features many useful built-in tools such as end-to-end capabilities.

Where to get started? Start from here:

3. Next.Js

Next.Js is a JavaScript written an open-source framework. It is mainly built for developing highly customizable web-based applications. It’s advertised by its creators as a zero-configuration, single-command toolchain for React apps.


Some of its best features :

1.Next.Js allows you to develop applications with JavaScript and React.Js. Building apps with Next.Js is extremely easy and simple.

2. Optimized for smaller build size, faster dev compilation and dozens of other improvements.

3. Automatic code splitting, filesystem-based routing, hot code reloading, and universal rendering — Pages are rendered with just the libraries and JavaScript that they need, no more. Instead of generating one single JavaScript file containing all the app code, the app is broken up automatically by Next.js in several different resources.

Where to get started? Start from here :

4. Riot.Js

Riot.Js focuses on providing users with the most effective and simplest architecture.


Some of its features :

1.Riot.Js enables users to apply custom HTML tags all over the pages and web applications. You can also reuse those tags.

2. This framework is similar to polymer and react.js. However, compared to these two frameworks, it is more organized and compact.

3. It highly focuses on micro-functions that allows you to work individually with different applications at a time.

Where to get started? Start from here:

5. WebRx

WebRx is a browser-based model-view-view-model JavaScript framework. It brings the responsive and functional properties of programming together and offers users a beautiful UI environment.


Some of its best features :

1. This framework offers demonstrative two-way data binding that offers automatic updates to basic data storage.

2.WebRx offers an effective collection processing that comes with filtering projections, paging, and many others.

3. It offers a strong inter-component communication provided by different message bus. This way, it is easier to establish communication between one or several applications.

Where to get started? Start from here :

Last but the most promising one ( one which is always battle-ready)…

6. Angular

Angular is a full-blown framework and not a flexible framework like React. It has everything built-in within it. This is something many developers do not like. Developers like to explore various tools and libraries to solve problems. But Angular being opinionated, it does offer the developers the flexibility that other frameworks provide. It is a powerful JavaScript framework that will organize your projects seamlessly. Once you start to use it, you can not but fall in love with its incredible speed and versatility.

Where to get started? Start from here :

JavaScript in Plain English

Learn the web's most important programming language.

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JavaScript in Plain English

Learn the web's most important programming language.

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