6 Most Useful NPM commands that you may do not know yet

GP Lee
GP Lee
Jun 18 · 2 min read

1. `npm view <package>` (View information)

npm view <package> to view information about the package

$ npm view axios
$ npm view axios version> 0.19.2

2. `npm -h` (Helper Method)

Executable commands can be searched visa -h option

$ npm -h
$ npm install -h

3. `npm ls — only=<environment>` (Advanced `npm list` )

npm ls --only=dev --depth=0npm ls --only=prod --depth=0
npm ls --only=dev --depth=0 // --depth=0 is an optional
npm ls --only=prod --depth=0 // --depth=0 is an optional

4. `npm install <package>` (install command)

install is the most useful and frequently used npm command. npm install <module> command installs the specified modules

$ npm install mysql

5. `npm remove <package>` (remove command)

npm remove <module> deletes the installed modules (The opposite of install command)

$ npm remove mysql
npm uninstall mysql

6. `npm outdated` (show version of installed pacakges)

Can find available updated packages using npm outdated :

$ npm update [package name]
$ npm update

Thank you!

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