How I use Node.js professionally

It slices! It dices! But wait! There is more!

Shawn Grover
Oct 30 · 4 min read
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Use the right tool for the job. But it is awesome when we find a tool that can be used effectively in many different ways.

I use Node to develop solutions for my customers. Those solutions may just be an API, or integrating with a front end framework over a REST interface. But those solutions sometimes involve setting up WebSocket servers, command line scripts, one-off data manipulation tasks, creating or accessing job queues, or even a comprehensive package that does everything in a modular way.

Here is how I break down my tasks

  • Data Access. I use Knex.js for creating my data models when I am dealing with relational databases. For non-relational databases I’ll use the appropriate library. Either way I wrap the access to the data store into meaningful data objects that can be used independently from the application. This allows me to call my data items from batch files, or other applications with little effort.

For one-off scripts I just call these with node path/to/my_script.js. For the recurring tasks though I add a script property to the package.json file so I can execute the commands with npm run mytask type statements.

Do you use Node.JS in a different way? If so, leave a comment and let me know. It would be great to hear of other approaches I can explore.

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