How Maps work in JavaScript

Map is one of the data structures that comes with the ECMAScript 6.

Isha Jauhari
Feb 11 · 3 min read

Map is list of items where each item is stored as a key,value pair. Sounds familiar to Object? Then what is difference between Object and Map?

  • Unlike object, map is used to store the key and value of any type. It can be number, String, Boolean… Map can use both Objects and primitive types as keys.
  • Maps are iterable by-default, whereas Objects are not.
  • The key,value pairs in Map maintains the insertion order, whereas Object don’t.

Initializing Map

The first item in the array becomes the key and second will be value.

let mapObject = new Map();or
let mapObject = new Map([[5, 42], ["name", "Batman"], ["age", 35]]);


  • map.get(key) : returns the value by key.If key is not present in map object,it returns undefined.
  • map.has(key) : returns true if key is present in the map object otherwise false.
  • map.delete(key) : returns true if the element is removed in the map object otherwise false.
  • map.clear(key) : removes the entire key,value pairs exists in the map object.


Few Examples

let mapObject = new Map();
let obj ={};
//a numeric key and string value
mapObject.set(1, "Batman");
//a string key and numeric value
mapObject.set("Superman", 2);
//a boolean key and string value
mapObject.set(true, "true");
//a object property and string value
mapObject.set(obj, "Object Property");
console.log(mapObject.size); //4
console.log(mapObject.get('Superman')); //2
console.log(mapObject.has(true)); //true
//deleting value by key
console.log(mapObject.size); //3
//clearing map object
console.log(mapObject.size); //0

Iterating Map Object

For..of loop

  • map.keys(): This method is used to retrieve the keys present in the map object.
let mapObject = new Map(
["Batman", 1], [2, "Superman"], [3, "Flash"]
for(let key of mapObject.keys())
console.log(key); // "Batman", 2, 3
  • map.values(): This method is used to retrieve the values present in the map object.
for(let value of mapObject.values())
console.log(value); //1, "Superman", "Flash"
  • map.entries(): This method is used to retrieve the key, value pair present in the map object. By default for..of loop gives the key, value pair.
for(let entry of mapObject.entries())
//[ 'Batman', 1 ], [ 2, 'Superman' ], [ 3, 'Flash' ]
ORfor(let entry of mapObject)
// [ 'Batman', 1 ], [ 2, 'Superman' ], [ 3, 'Flash' ]

foreach loop

new Map([["Batman", 1],[2, "Superman"],[3, "Flash"]]).
forEach( (value, key) =>
console.log(key + "," + value);
// Output ->

That’s it for now, hope it was useful. In next article, I will cover Set Data Structure.

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JavaScript in Plain English

Learn the web's most important programming language.

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