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Are you passionate about JavaScript? Do you already write but don’t get enough exposure for your work? Or maybe you haven’t written before but want to start.

Sunil Sandhu
Aug 24, 2018 · 3 min read

How to submit to work

If you’re interested in writing for a publication that receives over one million views each month, get in touch by sending a quick email to our Editor (Sunil) at with your name and your Medium username and we will get you added as a writer. Or if you would prefer, DM us on Twitter with the same info.

We also love to hear feedback from the community. Whether you’re an existing writer, or an avid reader, please let us know how we can improve! Do not hesitate to get in touch to let us know what we are doing well and ways that you think we could get better. You can do all of this via email, Twitter DM or via our community Slack channel.

A few words on content guidelines

JavaScript in Plain English loves receiving quality articles about all JavaScript-related content, whether that be vanilla JS, React, Node, Vue, Svelte, Angular, Webpack, Jest, GraphQL, Software Engineering, the list goes on! If what you are writing about makes use of JavaScript in some way, chances are that we are interested. And more importantly, chances are that our readers are interested too!

There are, however, some topics that have been written about so much, that writing about it again adds little to no value to the coding community.

An example of a saturated topic would be an article that covers ES2015/ES6 features. Another example would be an article that covers the basics of React Hooks. The same also applies to topics that are outdated, or no longer considered to be a best-practice. An example of this would be an article about React Class components.

With that said, if you feel that your article on such a topic manages to cover it from a new perspective and deserves to be heard, then please go ahead and submit it — we will gladly review.

And if you are ever in any doubt, avoid the hesitation by simply submitting your work and our editors will happily review. 👍

What happens to your content after it gets added?

Well, mostly we will try to help provide your work with a stable platform that can put your work in front of more readers. This in turn means that you get more views, and if your content is part of a revenue stream (ie, you are in the Medium Partnership Program), you may end up earning more money for yourself, by virtue of receiving more views for your work. We will never take a share of what you earn. You will also retain full ownership of your content.

Sometimes we will make minor changes to your content, but this is purely to help improve your content rather than making wholesale changes. The ‘improvements’ we make are things such as SEO, fixing of typos (most of the time that involves changing “Javascript” to “JavaScript”), and addition of a suitable images (if your article doesn’t have any).

One thing that we do ask is that you politely refrain from transferring your content from our publication to another. While there is nothing we can do to stop you, it is considered bad practice, and if another publication tries to convince you, we would question the integrity of that publication. Finally, we may periodically place a small chunk of text at the end of your article as a means to help encourage the next wave of content creators to get involved in writing articles on JavaScript-related content, as well as informing readers of some of the other mediums we offer.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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