JavaScript Algorithm: Hydration Count

We are going to write a function that will return how many liters of water a young man named Archie should drink to stay hydrated

Erica N
Erica N
Mar 31 · 2 min read

We are going to write a function called liters that will take a number (time) as an argument.

We have a young man named Archie. Archie loves to go jogging but he also loves water and staying hydrated. He loves water so much he sleeps in his swimming pool. Nevermind his skin swelling up, he plans on turning into a fish anyways.

When he goes out jogging, he drinks about 0.5 liters of water per hour. Given the time in hours return the number of liters of water Archie will need to drink to stay hydrated. Return the number rounded down to the smallest value. Here is an example:

let time = 6.7;

If Archie goes jogging for 6.7 hours and he drinks 0.5 liters of water per hour, we multiply 6.7 * 0.5 and get 3.35 liters. We round that number down and the function will return 3.

Since all we are doing is multiplying time by 0.5, our equation is:

time * 0.5

We want our number to be a whole number so in the case we encounter a decimal number, we’ll round down using Math.floor().

return Math.floor(time * 0.5);

Multiplying time by 0.5 is also equivalent to dividing time by 2.

return Math.floor(time / 2);

Here is the rest of our function:

function liters(time) {
return Math.floor(time * 0.5);

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