JavaScript Auto Linting in VSCode

Get rid of ugly JS Code while developing!

May 12 · 2 min read
Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

Writing code and keeping on eye on code formatting is kind of tremendous job.

This writing will help JavaScript developer to focus on writhing and thinking logic not on styling while developing software.

Note: Recommended to have eslint installed on your VSCode.


Now create your .eslintrc file

Tell them why you need lint?

Now this will create something like this in your project


Manual Linting

Linting in Action in my App.js File

Now hit cmd+shift+P and it will open this

Hit Fix all Auto-Fixable problem

Now my file looks like this. Much Better.

my App.js File

Auto Linting

Now I want this to be done when i hit CTRL + S

Paste below in setting.json

File > Preferences > Settings > Workplace then Code Actions On Save

Now ESLint is ready for action. Just write and save Code. Linting will be done right away.

Thanks for reading. 🍻

JavaScript In Plain English

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